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The Implications of Digital Presence: A Content Marketing Index of U.S. Businesses



Benjamin Yeo, Assistant Professor, Agyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University, USA


David van der Roest, Co-founder & VP, Marketing, Cadence9, USA

Martin van der Roest, Co-founder, President & CEO, Cadence9, USA



The digital world today is largely dominated by social media. Businesses are increasingly utilizing these tools for marketing purposes. Amidst this phenomenon, studies have shown the importance of the social media grapevine and how social media strategies can support business development. To extend this literature, the researchers in this exploratory study seek to go further in-depth into the online content (data) created by companies on various social media and their responses. Specifically, the researchers explore content creation across different platforms, the use of social media to promote content, and the level of engagement via social media. These data will be analyzed to explain a company’s online presence in terms of content marketing. They will also be analyzed with regional economic data to demonstrate their implications on company performance.

The sample will include several thousand companies in the U.S. that create online content on a regular basis, that is, have a substantial online presence. In addition, the time series data will enable researchers to analyze trends. Taken together, the study proposes to develop a multiple component index that assess a company’s online presence and quantitatively address the extent of its online presence as well as its impact on economic performance. The study will also identify key trends on online content creation, including frequency, channels, and type of content, and the degree of which these trends are relevant today. The analysis will go beyond the firm level to include aggregates are the industry and regional level. Using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and location data, we propose to compare how different industries and regions are leveraging the Internet (and social media) and to what effect. The findings in this study will be of interest not only to social media and Internet researchers, but also policymakers and marketers.

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