PTC​ ​Board​ ​of​ ​Governors​ ​(BG​ ​Election)
(For terms beginning 20 January 2018)


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Board of Governors

For-Profit North America

Sean M. Bergin, President, APTelecom, Cambodia

I have been involved with the PTC for eighteen years now, since attending my first conference in 1999. The last three years have seen me serve on the PTC Advisory Council, a responsibility that I have truly enjoyed taking on. I genuinely believe that I can contribute to the council, beyond supporting the conference held annually and assist the Council become much, much more than a conference. Evolution of the PTC is critical to ensure it maintains its relevance as we move towards 2020.

Although the Advisory Council plays an important role within the PTC, I believe that my can-do attitude, innovative thinking, energy and proven track record of ‘getting it done’ will be better put to use serving on the Board of Governors. This platform will provide me with the opportunity to facilitate positive change and drive focused outcomes for the PTC.

Timothy J. Logue, Senior Director, Marketing & Sales, Thales Alenia Space NA, USA

It has been my pleasure to serve as chair or co-chair of the Advisory Council and one term on the Board of Governors, working with the fine volunteers and staff who guide the organization forward in our ever-evolving, interrelated industries and hemisphere. It has been my pleasure to support PTC in one way or another for many years stretching back almost to the organization’s founding. I still believe that the objective set down by PTC’s founders to create and nurture a forum for exchanges across a broad range of topics in telecommunications in Asia/Pacific is still valid, even as the definition of what is telecommunications has been stretched and pulled by technological, cultural, business and societal changes that were unimaginable in 1979.

Tony R. Rossabi, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, TierPoint, USA

It has been my pleasure to support the PTC for the past 18 years, and I was honored to be elected to my first term on the Board of Governors in 2014. It has been a great experience, and we’ve made tremendous progress as an organization. This progress is reflected not only in the strength of our significantly increased membership, but in what we’ve been able to achieve together, growing the communities within the PTC and staying at the forefront of technology. When I was elected President of the PTC Board of Governors in 2016, I wanted to ensure that we stayed focused on the future, on how and where technology was evolving. We’ve made great strides through the support of our outstanding members. And, as we approach the 40th anniversary of the PTC, I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue building on the organization’s momentum.


Bill Barney

William (Bill) L. Barney, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Communications/Global Cloud Xchange, Hong Kong SAR China

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for re-election to the PTC Board of Governors (BG). I have been involved with PTC for almost 20 years, as a BG member, sponsor and participant/advocate of the organization’s key events and initiatives. From its grassroot origins, I have seen PTC evolve into an impactful advocate of innovation, policies and industry development across the ICT sector.

During my years with the BG, we have worked together to build and solidify PTC’s core structure and financial stability. On this occasion of PTC’s 40th Anniversary, I am pleased to see that our industry continues to embrace opportunities afforded by PTC to network, conduct business and learn from each other. I hope to continue as a BG member to help further the evolving roles of PTC as we enter into a new era of disruptive transformation in global communications. Thank you.

Marc C. Halbfinger, Chief Executive Officer, PCCW Global, Hong Kong SAR China

Since 2007, as CEO of PCCW Global, I have worked to promote and safeguard the development of telecommunications services and applications that facilitate Hong Kong, Pacific region populations, and beyond. I have sought the establishment of partnerships and collaborative efforts among all ICT service and content providers in a manner that positively facilitates the Pacific. I have sought to assure that my knowledge, and that of my colleagues, is proactive, pragmatic, and aimed at leveraging technology with commercial cooperation in solving the challenges presented by the fast paced international environment among all its complexities. Patience and dedicated consistency are often the cornerstone to build consensus among differing views and to motivate teams to go further than previously envisioned. I continue to promote the advancement and commercial benefits of better connectivity and applications, and since last Nov, have been elected as the Chairman of the ITW Founders Council.

Keith R. Shaw, Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Equinix, Netherlands

With a proven track record in the development of long-term customer partnerships spanning over 30 years, Mr. Shaw has been leading and collaborating negotiations in Hong Kong, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East within the fields of telecommunications, data centres, and more recently the key cloud provider markets. Mr. Shaw is keen to make use of his expertise to push forward the development of PTC’s meaningful work.


Gregg Daffner, Chief Executive Officer, GapSat, Hong Kong SAR China

I have been an active PTC member since 1989 and a strong supporter of PTC’s relaxed, aloha spirit that facilitates personal and professional networking. I currently am Secretary of the Board of Governors and previously served as PTC Treasurer and as Vice Chair of the Advisory Council. I am running for the Board to help expand PTC as a commercial business exchange, strengthen it as an educational forum and continue its contribution to Asia-Pacific regional ICT development. My focus will be on: promoting membership value and engagement by developing sustainable programs that provide value over the course of the year; expanding our focus on the convergence of media, IT and mobility with our existing emphasis on telecommunications. Finally, I believe our future lies in attracting and nurturing the next generation of enthusiastic members to transform and lead us in the coming decades.


Sashi Kv Singh, Member, eTech Vanuatu Ltd., Vanuatu

Being a active member in the Pacific Region and Communications being a very big part of the region, my knowledge and input in this area will be highly valuable to bring about the challenges faced by the Island nations due to lack of infrastructure and remoteness of the Island nations. These places are always prone to disasters and with climate changes we need to be prepared and how to work together and be sustainable. The region needs strong focus in this area and being part of the region I am in a good position to address the issues that arise and have preventive measures setup.

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