PTC Board of Governors (BG Election) / Advisory Council (AC Election) 2018
(For BG terms beginning 19 January 2019) / For AC terms beginning 20 January 2019)


Statements are provided as received from candidates subject to 150 words maximum.

Board of Governors (BG)


Sean Bergin - President & Chair PTC Board of Governors

Sean Bergin, Co-founder & President, APTelecom, Cambodia

Being involved with PTC means much more than just talk – it is a call to action – and I am a person of action! Over the last 4 years I have strived to ensure the success of PTC. In terms of action I have: • Sponsored events year on year at the PTC conference; • Facilitated at every PTC Academy since 2015 (Thailand & Guam). This included recruiting the majority of students to attend and arranging for CAT in Thailand and Docomo Pacific in Guam to host the PTC Academy. • As Chairman of LXT Networks provided sponsorship for the two Academies in Thailand. Through involvement on the BG, I aim to ensure that PTC is viewed as much more than an annual conference, working to ensure that community and council are stronger, more proactive and relevant in the Region.


Robert Crinks, President, 89Degree Networks, LLC, USA

I have completed my 3-year term on the BG and I’m hoping to be re-elected for a second term. I have been the Co-Chairman of the Membership Committee and an active member of the Program Committee. The Membership Committee has implemented several projects to bring on new members and to ensure current members understand the benefits of sustaining their membership. For the Program Committee, I have reviewed proposals and helped shape the overall content of the PTC conference. I chaired a panel at PTC18 dealing with Cybersecurity. I have taken an active role in supporting the development and execution of the PTC Strategic Plan. I have enjoyed supporting PTC and I wish to continue supporting the organization as an active member on the Board of Governors.

Tony Rossabi, Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, TierPoint, USA

It has been my pleasure to support the PTC for 20 years. I was honored to be elected to my first term on the Board of Governors in 2014. Serving on the Board was a great experience, and we have made tremendous progress. That progress is reflected in both the strength of membership and in what we have been able to achieve together, promoting organizational awareness, growing communities, and staying at the forefront of technology. When I was elected President of PTC and Chairman of the PTC Board of Governors in 2016, my goal was to ensure the PTC stayed focused on the future, on how and where technology was evolving, and on how to stay connected to our members. We have made great strides in all these areas through the support of our members. I would be honored and grateful to continue contributing to the organization’s momentum.


Mike Sauer

Michael Sauer, Vice President Americas Partner and Federal, Aqua Comms, USA

“For 25+ years I have been attending PTC events and It would be an honor to be part of the Pacific Telecommunications Council Board of Governors. Representing PTC and its mission of promoting the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Pacific Rim is something that comes naturally to me. With my experience working as the VP Americas Partner & Federal at Aqua Comms and the 35 years of international telecommunications knowledge I have, I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the Board of Governors.” Thank You. Mike.


Ahmed El Beheiry, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Telecom Egypt, Egypt

i am looking forward to serve my region through your esteemed organization. Telecom Egypt is at the heart of the vision we have to turn Egypt into a digital route, i look forward to extend that vision to the region foreseeing our region as a major digital hub.


Russell Kaurloto, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Clemson Computing and Information Technology, Clemson University, USA

I have served on the BG for several years in my past and been a member of PTC through my organizations for over 20 years. My experience dates back to satellite delivery systems throughout the Pacific rim for The Associated Press through to today in mobile development and sponsored research. My experience in the telecommunications and internet industry spans over 3 decades as an industry executive offering thought leadership and vision as a board member. During my tenure at the University of Southern California, I help guide the sponsored research for PTC fostering advanced research in the pacific rim. I look forward to providing the same level of opportunity as the VP&CIO for Clemson University.


Professor Heather E. Hudson

Heather E. Hudson, USA

PTC must evolve as the communications sector evolves. However, I believe PTC must retain what makes it unique: a commitment to ICTs for development, a focus on the Pacific islands as well as the Pacific Rim and beyond, and a conference that facilitates discussion among communications providers, researchers, lawyers, regulators and policy makers. I want to help PTC achieve fiscal sustainability, and to grow membership not only among major firms, but also smaller entities. I would like to formalize ongoing support for outstanding student researchers and the Meheroo Jussawalla Research Prize, and to support conference participants from low-income countries. I would also seek funding to reinstitute grants for ICT4D research and pilot projects. I would also like to revive or reinvent the PTR (Pacific Telecommunications Review) to publish top PTC conference papers and other articles that would both share our knowledge and increase our visibility.

Neil Montefiore, Singapore

Would like to continue as a member of the PTC Board of Governors

Addendum to Candidate Statement from Candidate Neil Montefiore:
I would love to continue on the board of governors and use my experience in Hong Kong and Singapore as CEO of listed Telcos to help PTC serve its members to the best relationships around the world. I would also like to encourage younger members participation in the meetings.

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Advisory Council (AC)


Muhammad Rashid Shafi, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Multinet Pakistan (Private) Limited, Pakistan

I am a telecom/ICT veteran having more than 3 decades of solid experience. At this stage of my career, I would like to deliver and dispense my knowledge for the betterment of society and raise capacity of human beings at large. Being a close associate of PTC now for some time, I believe that together with the able advisory council and board, we can give a lot to the developing world in order to reshape the lives of the people.


Mohamed Elagazy, Chief Executive Officer, CPS, USA

As the Chairman of the PTC AC committee, I always do my best to help creating the right environment at PTC to allow members to conduct business while enjoying the amazing programs and getting access to new members, regions and organizations. this year we managed to get two new regions to participate at the BG and AC and I would like to continue the efforts to get new members and companies to join our fantastic PTC community. Thanks, Mohamed Elagazy

Gary Kim, Consultant, IP Carrier, USA

Gary Kim has been a volunteer for PTC and member for 15 years. He has been a member of the annual conference planning committee for all of that time. He has served on the AC for two terms. He created and produced all content for the Spectrum Futures conference PTC held for four years. He is an instructor for PTC Academy, teaching multiple sessions at each event. Gary also has served on committees to creation the Innovation Awards since its inception. His greatest passion for PTC is its growth as a group that includes wider segments of the industry; has more respect and prestige across wider segments of the industry and more completely fulfills its twin missions of providing value to members and fostering use of communications/information technology across the Pacific and South Asia regions.

Lynn Smullen

Lynn Smullen, Senior Director, International and Domestic Wholesale Sales, CenturyLink, USA

Thank you for considering my nomination for the PTC Advisory Council. I’m excited about the opportunity to continue to serve on the Council. If elected, I will continue my active engagement with the Council and various sub-committees. I believe my years of experience in ICT coupled with my passion for connecting people and driving innovation and positive change makes me a strong candidate/member for the Advisory Council and related sub-committees. PTC and the relationships I’ve built through PTC are an important, meaningful and cherished part of my career and life. Continuing on the Advisory Council provides me the opportunity to give back to such a great organization and help actively contribute in support of our vision and mission for our industry.

Melissa Stanislaw, Director of Marketing Strategy and Sales Enablement, ZenFi Networks, USA

I am excited for the opportunity to serve on the PTC Advisory Council. The intersection between technology and people has always been fascinating to me and I believe that my experience and drive would be well served on the Council. I would help bring like-minded leaders into the PTC community, as well as collaborate on topics and ideas important to our members.

No Advisory Council (AC) candidates in the following categories:


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