PTC Board of Governors (BG Election)

(For BG terms beginning 18 January 2020)


Statements are provided as received from candidates on the PTC Nomination Form subject to 150 words maximum.


Paul McCann

Paul McCann, Partner, McCann Consulting International, Australia

I am humbled at being nominated for a role on the PTC Board of Governors. Should I be elected to the Board of Governors I would strive to work for the benefit of all PTC members, and would look to add vision and direction to the organization in a way that supports the ongoing success of PTC especially in meeting the PTC vision and mission. Through my continued work in the telecommunications industry I also remain dedicated to support the people of the Pacific Rim.


Muhammad Rashid Shafi

Muhammad Rashid Shafi, SEVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Multinet Pakistan Private Limited, Pakistan

Digital disruption causing the accelerating rate of change warrants the telecoms industry to innovate in order to remain competitive will eventually create threats and opportunities. Henceforth, the Telecom organisations will also need to reshape to adopt the new challenges. The fast growing trend of IOTs with hundreds of billions connected devices deployed globally by 2025, network and telecommunications providers are in a scramble to re-align their competitive strategies, data services, and network infrastructure to survive and thrive in the brave new world. Revenue depletion, service commoditisation, and competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers, tagged with increased data consumption growth creates a challenging operating environment for providers. Telecom is “the only industry where volumes are growing 40–60% a year, but revenues are shrinking. The question remains that with changing business models of Telcos’ as to how PTC would respond to their challenges and provide a platform for mitigation


Stephen Ho

Stephen Ho, Chief Executive Officer, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, Hong Kong SAR China

I joined PTC conference since 2004, served as BG in 2009-2015, and had been elected as President and Chair for 2014, 2015 & 2018. I highly appreciated PTC to help and promote the development of ICT to improve commerce, governance, education and people living in the world. In the past, I supported various PTC’s programs, such as member’s Soiree in Hong Kong, Spectrum Future in Singapore, and World Internet Conference in Mainland China, with positive response. I am sure my 30 years experience in ICT industry can contribute a great value to PTC Board of Governors in many aspects, from planning, organizing to promoting world-class marketing initiatives. Besides, my experience spans marketing and sales of ICT services, logistics and strategic purchasing management, operations and technical management, more important developed working relationships with different Telecom organizations, industry associations and government body across regions are great value-added to support PTC’s success.

Winston Qiu

Winston Qiu, Senior Vice President, Pacific Light Data Communication Co., Ltd., Hong Kong SAR China

Having been working in the international telecom industry for more than 20 years, I have a good understanding of telecom markets in Asia and the Paific region. I also maintain good connections and communications with stakeholders in telecom communities including various traditional operators, OTT players, ISPs, innovative service providers and enterprises. I would like to contribute to and work together with other members for managerial and fiduciary oversight the PTC. I am capable of understanding and interpreting financial statements, comfortable with a consensus approach to decision-making, able to communicate daily with other members. I would like to be a candidate for the BG of the Pacific Telecommunications Council.


Stephan Beckert

Stephan Beckert, Owner, Beckert Global, USA

I first attended PTC in 2003, when the industry was struggling to recover from the telecom market crash. I’ve returned almost every year since, and have seen both the event and the organization grow stronger each year. I was Co-Chair of the PTC Program Committee from 2007-2011. In this capacity, I helped shape the program and recruited new speakers and organizations to the event. I served two terms on PTC’s Board of Governors, and am currently Vice President of the Board. I would like to continue my efforts to help develop the organization and conference by continuing to serve on PTC’s Board of Governors.

Parthiban Kandappan, Chief Technology Officer, Infinera, USA

The subsea market is in a healthy phase of demand growth and it is essential that supply keeps up with demand. At the same time, as an industry we must be aware of changes in market dynamics that may disrupt this phase of growth. I welcome the opportunity to take part in the discussions that will shape our industry today, and into the future.

Lynn Smullen

Lynn Smullen, Division Vice President, Emerging Markets Sales, Verizon, USA

It would be a great honor to serve on the PTC Board of Governors representing the North America For Profit segment. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been actively engaged with PTC in roles varying from conference participant to Advisory Council and Committee leader. I’ve been a leader in the ICT industry for over 25 years with telecoms, data center, cloud and managed service companies. I believe my intimate knowledge of PTC and its constituencies, deep industry experience, passion for building relationships and driving positive impact uniquely position me for this role. If elected, I will actively seek out opportunities to further the PTC mission and outreach while also representing the priorities and interests of the North America for profit segment. Thank you for your consideration.


Adel Hamed

Adel Hamed, Chief Executive Officer, Telecom Egypt, Egypt

I would like to express my excitement to be nominated to the membership of Pacific Telecommunications Council Board of Governors. On the personal side, I have always wanted to be part of such an esteemed council and on the professional side, I am sure that by being nominated I will serve the best interests of the council within the region. I perceive the Council Outreach initiatives as a very important pillar towards making the difference within the Telecom community at large and helping in supporting the future of telecommunications in its Digital format. Being nominated in itself is an honor, being elected is a distinguished honor and I wish all the best for the Council in times to come.

Cengiz Oztelcan

Cengiz Oztelcan, Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Bridge International, Qatar

Having served on the Pacific Telecommunications Council as a member of the Board of Governors, Cengiz Oztelcan is well aware of what it takes to be part of this prestigious board. Cengiz intends on prioritizing PTC awareness throughout the Middle Eastern region and encouraging membership and participation of upcoming events. Cengiz understands that driving the development of ICT and telecommunication industries globally is a key responsibility as a board member and is confident in taking a leadership role in doing so. Cengiz vows to commit time, effort and resources to council activities and to engage in PTC’s ongoing work. PTC’s success in large part is due to collaboration and conversation on a global scale. Cengiz would be honored to be a part of this conversion as a board member, to be able to better serve the interests of the ICT and telecommunication community globally.

Ash Rofail

Ash Rofail, Chairman, Santeon, USA

Region justification: subsidiary/branch/satellite office located in Egypt

I am a believer that creating opportunities to those that are disadvantaged specifically women, is among the most critical factors that will transform individuals and communities. Africa and the Middle East are incredible sources of talent lacking opportunities. I am focused and determined on investing and building a Techo-Social eco-system that will propel Africa out of poverty and become a viable contributor to global innovation. I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies will allow us to identify unique opportunities that only exit in Africa but lacking the resources and proper support to bring the results and outcomes to fruition. My personal mission is to eradicate poverty in Africa. While this is a very hefty goal for a single individual, I am committed to join those who proceeded me to put my share of effort, knowledge, resources and opportunity creation to open Africa to the US and other regions.


Hiroshi Asemi

Hiroshi Asemi, Vice Chairman & Secretariat Representative, PTC Japan, Japan

I have been involved with the PTC since 2008 and have served for the PTC as a BG member for 6 years in total. I am very proud of having collaborated with BG members to fix the PTC Strategy Policy. In line with “Vision 2020 and Beyond”, we should look toward 2020 to enliven the ICT world in the region as Energy and Environment Technology or EET revolution will follow AI, IOT, 5G and 4K/8K. I believe the PTC has to assist the people and organizations involved in the ICT world and EET revolution. As an incumbent BG member, I would like to contribute to this assistance. Besides, I would like to support SMEs who provide excellent services so that they can develop their business in the Pacific island countries. I believe my positive mindset and innovative activities will contribute to the PTC for its further encouragement towards 2020.

Erik Bohlin

Erik Bohlin, Professor, Department of Technology Management & Economics, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

I joined my first PTC in 1997. Since 2010 I have been a regular contributor as paper presenter, panel member and conference delegate. I organized a panel on WRC19 preparations at PTC19. I have represented International Telecommunications Society (ITS) to PTC since ITS-PTC signed a cross-promotion agreement in 2010, when I was Chair of ITS. I have initiated and supported a Special Issue on ICT4D in the Journal of Telecommunications Policy based on papers from PTC conferences, edited by Elizabeth Fife and Francis Pereira, and I will support more Special Issues in the future. Generally, I look very much forward to support PTC and work with long-term concerns for PTC growth and success.

Bruce Drake

Bruce Drake, Retired [Individual Member], Canada

I became involved in PTC in 1997 while serving as Executive Director for the Pacific Region of Canada’s Department of Industry, a federal department with responsibilities similar to the US’s FCC and Department of Commerce. Now retired I retain a close personal interest in ICT policy and the potential of communications services to improve lives. I have been active in PTC governance for over two decades and am a past president of it’s Board of Governors and Chair of its Finance Committee. Most recently I worked with others on PTC’s current strategic plan and its implementation. I have served on a number of NFP boards and have been an elected local government official for the past 30 years. Reflecting my service background and MBA training I have a strong interest in the financial viability of PTC and the effectiveness of our Secretariat.

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