2020 PTC Board of Governors and Advisory Council Elections

(BG — For terms beginning 16 January 2021; AC — For terms beginning 17 January 2021)


Statements are provided as received from candidates on the PTC Nomination Form subject to 150 words maximum.

Voting starts on 3 November and ends on 10 November 2020.

I. Board of Governors


Peter Girvan

Peter Girvan, Asia-Pacific Vice-President, Space and Commercial Networks, Viasat, Australia

I believe I can make a valuable contribution to PTC achieving its objectives of promoting the advancement of Information and Communication technologies in the Pacific Rim as this is fully aligned with my business and personal objectives. I joined Viasat as I also believe everything and everyone in the world can be connected. I have lived, worked, and travelled all over Asia and the Pacific and have experienced what it is to be disconnected. The ViaSat-3 global satellite programme attracted me in its ability to rectify this inequality. My varied background, Viasat’s largely consensus management approach, and working remotely for a large multi-national, are all consistent with the operation of the PTC. Working in a For Profit environment means fiscal responsibility is embedded in my nature and I am fully prepared to commit to the time and effort to progress the vision, aims, and objectives of PTC.

Paul Komboi

Paul Komboi, Chief Executive Officer, PNG DataCo Limited, Papua New Guinea

I have read and understand PTC’s Vision and Mission. These are particularly relevant to PNG and the Oceania Region which relies heavily of telecommunications for improving economic and social development in these relatively small, diverse and isolated island Countries. As a PTC Board member, I will work to enhance the availability, improve the performance and reduce the costs of broadband and internet through the region by fostering collaboration, knowledge transfer, build capability and outreach support for individual PTC members e.g. • Development of connectivity programs • Development programs to enable the expansion of digital services which are critical to increasing internet availability and affordability. • Involvement in the provision of community sponsorships focused on providing better connectivity to schools, universities and health facilities. I will work with PTC to partner with national and local governments in providing affordable ICT for Education, Health through CSO subsidized initiatives which DataCo are already undertaking.

Brian Tellam

Brian Tellam, Partner, Cornerstone Capital Partners, Australia

I have been an active member of PTC for 20 years. I am a strong supporter for the diverse participation and networking opportunity that is PTC reflecting all communities across the broader pacific region.

I believe my background in finance brings a different perspective to the BG meetings and the detailed work of the supporting Committees. I have been an active member of the Board of Governors, and PTC Treasurer, from 2015 to 2020 and a member of a range of Committees including Audit & Finance and Strategic Planning. I welcome this opportunity to serve the PTCommunity again.

Andrew Tierney

Andrew Tierney, Executive General Manager, TNZI New Zealand Ltd., New Zealand

I have been in the International Telecommunications business for the majority of my working career and I am at a point where I would like to give something back to this global community. I have a passion for seeing Oceania succeed and believe countries like New Zealand and Australia have a growing number of young leaders who can drive future regional success. Through PTC I believe we can keep Telco sexy, enabling future leaders to bring not only economic success to the region but also a sharing of information wealth across the developing nations.


Steven Xu Tan

Steven Xu Tan, President, China Telecom Americas, China Telecom Global Limited, USA
[Headquarters in Hong Kong SAR China]

I, in person, share same vision as PTC that a well-connected world, with efforts of experts from telecommunication industry, would be better place for all human beings, and am fully committed to the role that I am submitting for and all events raised by the organization. With my experience and expertise in industry and enthusiasm for the role, I would prove myself suitable and inevitable candidate as a member for Board of Governors of PTC.


John Danko

John Danko, Director of Business Development, 1025Connect, USA

As the steward of the 1025Connect Carrier Hotel Meet Me Room colocation interconnection business, I make it a point to be cognizant and aware of the specific needs and requirements of our network operator tenants, which as a strictly neutral ecosystem, is the cause to support, promote and advance the commercial business each of customers are seeking to grow inside our facility. It would be an honor to participate in the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s effort to advance the policies that benefits its global members.

Timothy J. Logue

Timothy J. Logue, Principal, TJLNova Consulting, USA

Like all companies and organizations today, the PTC is finding its way through the current unusual circumstances. I have been privileged to help it craft a path to its future in the preparation of the last 5-year Strategic Plan and now through the current crisis as President and Chair of the Board. I would be abandoning my post if I were to seek re-election to the board and hope that the Membership will re-elect me.

Joe Weinman

Joe Weinman, Founder, XFORMA LLC, USA

I’d like to leverage my professional background and years of PTC experience to serve PTC to exploit synergies across initiatives, help PTC through today’s challenges, and grow membership and mission impact. I’ve served PTC in virtually every capacity: PTC ADVISORY COUNCIL: member, co-chair. PTC CONFERENCE: keynote speaker, moderator, panelist, introducer, PTC TV interviewer, PTC blog writer, new/non-member luncheon speaker. PTC/INNOVATION AWARDS: chair, awards definition, judge, and awards emcee. MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: organized, defined, refined member value survey. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: local event speaker, ROI analysis, member strategies. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: define structure, write CFP. STRATEGIC PLANNING: help define PTC strategy. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: plan conference program, leverage personal network to enlist dozens of keynote and featured speakers. WEBINAR COMMITTEE: define webinar content/format, enlist panelists, moderate second webinar. PUBLICITY: to 15,000 social media followers. OTHER: Spectrum Futures speaker; PTC Academy and Appeals.


Keith Shaw

Keith Russell Shaw, EMEA Business Development, Equinix, Netherlands

As noted, in my past 4 years at PTC, as a Advisory Council Member, I am passionate about the success and continued relevance of PTC in our ever changing market. As always, I am happy to promote PTC at all events and to all customers that I engage with. I also do a stint on the Membership Registration Tables and reguarly recommend new customers (and existing Clouds to join). As EQUINIX continues to be disrupted and change, I share that knowledge with PTC and its growing membership. In my 30+ year career, I still maintain PTC is the key annual event in all our calendars. I am also happy to give my free time to PTC and indeed support, wherever possible, as I have previously done, with such events as the PTC Academy.


Adel Hamed

Adel Hamed, Managing Director & CEO, Telecom Egypt, Egypt

It would be my absolute privilege to represent the Middle East and Africa For-Profit (MEA) region on the PTC board of Governors. I have just recently joined PTC and I am inspired by its activities that have touched the lives of many. Capitalizing on my 20 years’ experience in the industry, which started when I joined Telecom Egypt as a network engineer and later assuming different roles in the company until I was recognized as the youngest Telecom Egypt veteran to be appointed as Managing Director and CEO in January 2019, I am bringing to the table fresh and innovative ideas to take PTC to the next level. During my journey, I have had the opportunity to develop and grow the people, the business, and lead teams into success. If elected, I would strive to fulfill the PTC’s objectives and maximize its activities beyond and into the MEA region.

Cengiz Oztelcan

Cengiz Oztelcan, Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Bridge International, Qatar

Having served on the Pacific Telecommunications Council as a member of the Board of Governors, Cengiz Oztelcan is well aware of what it takes to be part of this prestigious board. Cengiz intends on prioritizing PTC awareness throughout the Middle Eastern region and encouraging membership and participation in upcoming events. Cengiz understands that driving the development of ICT and telecommunication industries globally is a key responsibility as a board member and is confident in taking a leadership role in doing so. Cengiz vows to commit time, effort, and resources to council activities and to engage in PTC’s ongoing work. Cengiz has always embraced partnerships within the industry to achieve shared goals, mutual growth, and ultimately enable effective change in the lives of end-users both regionally and internationally. Cengiz’s potential inclusion on the PTC BG would enable him to part of a larger conversation that drives this effective change.

No Board of Governors (BG) candidates in the following categories:


II. Advisory Council


Mark Dando Rabbit & Lion CEO Headshot

Mark Dando, Chief Executive Officer, Rabbit and Lion Pty. Ltd., Australia

I’m committed to helping shape the future of PTC for all members. We share in a vision for how telecommunications can help make a better world in the 21st century. What airline travel did to bring humanity together in the last century, telecommunications is doing now. 5G is the new 747. This year we have all played a part in the networks that sustained communities who would have been isolated. Video meetings over these networks have brought faces, ideas, and industry together. Importantly, this has the potential for all nations, large and small, to use the technology for the benefit of their citizens. I am committed to helping PTC increase opportunities for all Pacific nations to benefit from ICT ideas, education and training. Increasingly that will be online, but I’ll also look forward to seeing you face-to-face when we can fly again.


Harsha Ram Garladinne

Harsha Ram Garladinne, Head of Network Business, Sify Technologies Ltd., India

I come with a deep conviction of the transformative value that telecommunications and digital sectors such a data centers, IX’s, cloud, and content providers can bring to the billions of people around the world and specifically in the South Asia region. To grow and create a self-sustainable eco-system across geographies, industry verticals and market segments requires a deep understanding of each of these areas but more importantly needs a shared understanding of the issues that impact the overall eco-system. I believe as an Advisory Council member I bring to the PTC Council this understanding plus unique insights into the challenges faced in the region, solutions that have emerged, and help in creating a shared vision for the future. I have significant experience working in a multi-stakeholder environment and across cultures and I come with a deep motivation to further the agenda and values of the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

John Garrett

John Garrett, Senior Direct GCN Sales, Ciena Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore

I have very much enjoyed my time as a member of the AC these past few years. It has been exciting to discuss and implement new ideas on how to engage and grow the PTC community as the network industry has changed so dramatically which in turn have so dramatically changed the way we live in work in South Asia and the rest of world. Now, with the tremendous change forced upon us due to the Covid-19 Virus, we face very new sets of challenges that also in turn provide opportunities for our industry to address to meet the social, personal and work needs in Asia. I am excited at the prospect of continuing my role on the AC to push forward new ideas for discussion and execution on how the broad network industry can continue to change and adapt to better the lives of all people living in Asia.

Matthew Madden

Matthew Madden, Chief Executive Officer, DXN Limited, Australia
[Satellite office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

I have been in the telecommunications, IT and Data Centre market for the last 20 years across Australia, New Zealand, the pacific and SE Asia. I have held a number of senior executive roles in that time and I am currently CEO and Managing Director for DXN limited an ASX listed company. I have always felt that there are other ways that I can better serve the community and market place. I am passionate about facilitating a more ubiquitous, reliable Internet. The internet is a critical communications source and not one that should sit in one nation and not another. With the advent of the global pandemic caused by COVID19 the Internet needs to reach further and become more reliable than it has ever had to be. The solution entails working with private enterprise, governments and communities to solve the problem and I am up for that challenge.

Darren Yong

Darren Yong, Asia Pacific Head of Telecom, Media and Technology, KPMG Asia Pacific, Singapore

I’m keen to contnue to contirbute to the Telecom, Media, Technology sector to help advance and stay on top of current issues and trends and to help advance the network / communities to bring value in insights, thought leadership and also learm from the wealth of experience.


Brandon Amber

Brandon Amber, Managing Director, Palladium Partners, Hong Kong SAR China

Throughout my career, I’ve become known for my ability to quickly see the bigger picture of an organization and market,build long-term partnerships, and hit the ground running. With over 20+ years of experience in corporate and business development leadership roles and being a strategic advisor to public and private enterprises across sectors and regions; I am able to quickly connect people and interests in the region to help foster the PTC mission and goals, and also help grow PTC and increase value for the overall platform. My family lived in Hawaii for over 20 years, so I feel a deep personal connection to the PTC anchor in Hawaii and promoting the State throughout the APAC region. Having attended the PTC event many times, I believe PTC should and can be more than an event; and I would like to drive its mission across the Pacific ICT/TMT community.

Heng Lu

Heng Lu, Chief Executive Officer, LARUS Limited, Hong Kong SAR China

I am honored to serve on the PTC Advisory Council. The Internet is immense. It has a large impact on almost everyone in the world and it improves many people’s lives. The Internet is indeed a space contributed and shared by people like you and me. More people can take part in it, the better the Internet will become. With years of experience and the knowledge, I will do my best to work together with PTC to contribute to the organization, the members, the industry, and the community. Thank you. Lu Heng

Joe Zhu

Joe Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, Zenlayer, USA
[Headquarters in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China]

Being a member of the PTC Advisory Council these past four years has given me opportunities to contribute my knowledge, experience, and network to helping PTC grow and connect with more people around the Pacific. I look forward to continuing to use my wide network of global connections to spread the influence of PTC, bring in more members, and elevate awareness of both PTC and East Asia’s digital possibilities. This past year and COVID-19 have made it clear that digital connections and network infrastructure are more important than ever, as both businesses and families rely on them to stay connected. I hope to work together with the PTC community to continue to build a better-connected world.


Stephan Beckert

Stephan Beckert, President, Beckert Global, USA

I have been attending PTC since 2003, and have seen the event and the organization grow stronger with each year. Over these years, I have become deeply involved in the organization. I was Co-Chair of the PTC Conference Program Committee from 2007-2011, and subsequently served two terms on PTC’s Board of Governors. I’ve benefitted greatly from PTC, and would like to do my part to help the organization to get through the global Covid-19 pandemic, and to continue to thrive in the years ahead.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown, President & CEO, DataGryd Data Centers, USA

I have been attending Pacific Telecommunications Council events for more than 20 years, and as an individual with a long history in this industry, being part of PTC’s Advisory Council would be a great opportunity. PTC is the platform upon which new and vital ideas, solutions and challenges are discussed, built, shared, overcome and more, bringing together the wider ecosystem for collective opportunities that are greater even than the sum of their already highly innovative constituents. As a representative of PTC and a steward of its mission to advance the ethical development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT), I would be truly honored to help guide this platform as we establish a more capable, resilient and wholly connected world in service of all.

Daniel Hoff

Daniel Hoff, Managing Director, XL Mission Critical, USA

The PTC impressed me as a group with its breadth and depth in advancing the art and science of global telecommunications. Having worked in the Pacific Rim for decades, I was energized by the PTC’s diverse membership. Recent global events have underscored the importance of global cooperation, exchange of ideas, and mentoring. Reliance in a robust global communications fabric is more important than ever. I have been blessed with amazing mentors and thought leaders who have illuminated my path. Being a PTC advisor is a great way to pay it forward.

Mike Crimmins

Mike Crimmins, Vice President, International Sales, Windstream Wholesale, USA

I have been enjoying the PTC conferences for 24 years and would be honored to be selected as a member of the advisory council. This role would allow the conference board to leverage my many relationships in the industry and make an impact in the conference of the future. Some of the ideas that I have had are: • ways to help facilitate more Carrier to Carrier interactions • enhance sponsorship value • support the growth of the PTC event—(note my previous employer, iBasis played a pivotal role in the transformation of ITW—know that I could help PTC down the same path) • attract more of the big players • influence the content companies to participate vs. go off to the Modern Hotel At the end of the day—I’m just a big loyal fan of PTC, love the venue and know that my membership to the council would make an impact.

Parthiban Kandappan

Parthiban Kandappan, Chief Technology Officer, Infinera, USA

Today, more than ever, submarine communication is essential to the “new normal” we are all facing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Growth is not only dramatic, but is increasingly difficult to predict. It is, therefore, essential for all parts of our industry to work together to ensure continuity of operations in submarine cables, as well as dealing with the unprecedented growth in demand. I hope I can bring my experience of a wide range of telecommunications technologies and business challenges to bear for the mutual benefit of our submarine network community.

Tricia Paoletta

Tricia J. Paoletta, Partner, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP, USA

The future is Pacific. I want it to be one where the people of the Pacific Rim have ICT to better their lives. From my service as Chair of PTC’s Innovation Awards Committee, I have a clear understanding of the aims and objectives of PTC, and seek their furtherance. I have experience in a number of key areas desired for PTC leadership: I plan an annual conference for a trade association client. At that symposium, as well as at many PTC conferences, other industry panels and podcasts, I have gained media and communications experience. I communicate regularly with the government as my clients’ liaison. As a former trade official and delegate to numerous ITU meetings, I have additional experience with international organizations. Involvement in these organizations has made me team-oriented, comfortable with a consensus approach. And as a firm partner, I am responsible for and have developed strategic business.

Isabelle Paradis

Isabelle Paradis, President, HOT TELECOM, USA

I would feel privileged to be able to play an active role in the success and evolution of the PTC. I have worked with the organization for the past few years, partly as a moderator and as a judge, and I feel that I am well positioned, through my contacts, different marketing activities, creativity and vision to help the PTC continue to expand. I strongly believe that the organization is underpinned by people who have the greater good of the Pacific region at heart and this is very rare nowadays in the event business. I therefore want to play my part in helping good people continue to do good 😉

Bradley Petersen

Bradley Petersen, Director of Solutions Engineering, Calix Networks, Inc., USA

I am excited to be nominated to the PTC Advisory Council. I have been representing Calix at PTC meetings for many years. One of my passions is helping some of my budget challenged customers build state of the art networks withing the budget constraints of some of the smaller islands and countries. I think it is critical that broadband data be made available to all area regardless of remoteness or GDP. I look forward to helping the PTC in any way I can.

Julian Rawle

Julian Rawle, Principal, Julian Rawle Consulting, USA

My calling is to work with people from emerging markets, bringing global business standards and practices to enable them to fulfil their real potential. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet this calling in the submarine fibre optic industry for the last 20 years working in markets such as Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Togo, South Africa, and Caribbean island nations. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise into terrestrial telecom and quality improvement. As member of the PTC Advisory Council, I would bring this knowledge, expertise, and experience to bear on issues facing the industry and its participants.

Nakkul Rege

Nakul Rege, Chief Growth Officer, Bankai Group, USA

As a PTC attendee since the early nineties and an Advisory Council (AC) member for many years, I have known the PTC to provide its members opportunities to grow their business and contribute to their employees’ professional development. PTC also runs a training academy and supports ICT development in the Pacific islands. With my continued interaction with Tier 1 operators and a number of Tier 2 and 3 carriers globally, I actively participated in the AC to make all parties aware of the benefits of PTC. I opted to serve on the Membership Committee and we saw a diverse group of global members attend PTC. As part of the Academy committee, I encouraged young students to enroll and visit Thailand. The experience has motivated them to do better for their own organizations. I will continue to contribute positively to the Advisory Council’s unfinished work in the period ahead.

Alex Vaxmonsky

Alex Vaxmonsky, Director, Ecosystem Development, Equinix, USA

Hi, my name is Alex Vaxmonsky and I’m the Director of Ecosystem Development at Equinix. I’ve organically built three independent hugely profitable ecosystems to date. The ethernet exchange platform was the first time Equinix would support private virtual interconnections and is the predecessor product to what today is the next generation Equinix Cloud Exchange, a smash hit for the company the past few years. Then, I moved on to building four independent use cases to support submarine cables and in 2016 through the Monet cable project with Google, Equinix became the first MTDC operator ever to successfully support all critical elements associated with a CLS directly into its datacenter. I then shifted my current focus to space and have been in the process of building a platform for satellite service providers. I would appreciate your vote.


Nico Grove, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Kawikani, Kawikani GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Nico Grove, Co-Founder & CEO,  kāpena [Di2 – Digital Infrastructure Investment c/o kāpena GmbH], Germany

Since my first participation at PTC in 2010, I became a huge fan and supporter of the unique PTC community, the reseach group and its members. Since then, a lot has changed not only for the industry, but also for and within PTC: Telecommunications grew out of a technological (niche) perspective and now we are dealing with applications and services and related digital business models. Personally, I want to engage in this transformation process and continue the travel from pure network construction and technologies towards digitalization as key essential driver of economic welfare and social development. In this industrial transformation process, it is however, very important to connect the dots by relying on the (technological) foundations, we have gained over the past. This is why I want personally to engage bringing Europe and the Pacific Rim closer together by focusing on digital transformation and related digital Infrastructure and services.


Francis Pereira

Francis Pereira, Associate Professor, University of Southern California, USA

I have been a member of PTC through the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California for the past 21 years, and have been a member of PTC’s research group. Since 2014, I have been a member of the Advisory Committee. I have some 28 years of applied research experience in the telecom/info-comm industry and have extensive contacts with academics and industry practitioners in North America and Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore. I have worked with the Singapore government and on other projects with my colleagues in Singapore. In this capacity, I have introduced several of my Southeast-Asian colleagues to PTC, who have become active members in the research group. My research focuses in part of the role of broadband and development in the Asia-Pacific region. I support the focus and mission of PTC and I believe I can continue to help PTC realize its goals.


Tom Cooper


I have a great appreciation for PTC, its leadership, activities, recruiting new members, and serving the research and educators group. Having been one of the Advisory council’s vice presidents for years and also a VP of the membership committee for years, and having co-created the Appeals committee, having served on the Board of Governors, and having worked closely with the staff, BG, and secretariat for many years, I feel that I increasingly know PTC’s needs. I am keen to help new members, those seeking to join, students, staff, those from under-represented countries and companies, and all those with questions and needs within PTC. If there is any way I can serve you and PTC more effectively, please let me know. I am always happy to consider new ways to generate more revenue and memberships and am in full support of our leadership and secretariat.

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