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The 2017 PTC Academy course was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 20–22 September. Sponsored by Loxley and in collaboration with APTelecom, the course examined the global telecom sector, key changes transforming the industry, strategies to identify and solve issues in your business, and more.


Time Topic
09.00–10.30 The Global Telecom Sector: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Gary Kim, Founder, Spectrum Futures, USA
10.30–10.45 Tea/Coffee Break
10.45–12.15 Workshop: Identifying Key Issues for Your Business
Presenter: Chris Wilson, CEO, ASEAN, TIME dotCom Berhad, Malaysia
12.15–13.15 Lunch
13.15–14.45 Workshop: How We Think We Can Solve Identified Problems
Presenter: Chris Wilson, CEO, ASEAN, TIME dotCom Berhad, Malaysia
14.45–15.00 Tea/Coffee Break
15.00–16.30 Our Key Competitors and How We Compete With Them
Presenter: Keith Shaw, Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Equinix, Netherlands
Time Topic
09.00–10.30 Our Key Internal Issues
Presenter: Keith Shaw, Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Equinix, Netherlands
10.30–10.45 Tea/Coffee Break
10.45–12.15 Getting the Balance Right: How We Manage Revenue, Social Obligations, Costs, Harvesting Legacy Revenue and Building New Revenue
Presenter: Eric Handa, Co-Founder & CEO, APTelecom, USA
12.15–13.15 Lunch
13.15–14.45 How We Responded to Our Key Challenges
Presenter: Remus Tan, Senior Advisor, Mobility Networks & Architecture (CTO Office – APAC), Ciena, Singapore
14.45–15.00 Tea/Coffee Break
15.00–16.30 Product Innovation: How One Firm Sees Its Options
Presenter: Eric Handa, Co-founder & CEO, APTelecom, USA
Time Topic
09.00–10.30 Business Strategy in Difficult Markets
Presenter: Herbert Xiong, Director, Asia Pacific Sales, TE Subcom, People’s Republic of China
10.30–10.45 Tea/Coffee Break
10.45–12.15 Case Study: What Would You Do?
Presenter: Sean Bergin, Co-Founder & President, APTelecom, Cambodia
12.15–13.15 Lunch
13.15–14.45 Presentations and Feedback
Presenter: Tony Mosley, Ocean Specialists, Guam
14.45–15.00 Tea/Coffee Break
15.00–16.30 Summing It All Up: What Are Your Key Takeaways?
Presenter: Gary Kim, Founder, Spectrum Futures, USA



President & Co-Founder


Sean Bergin is based in APTelecom’s Asian headquarters in Cambodia. Bergin has been instrumental in building APTelecom into a globally recognized leader in telecom and fiber consulting, elevating from a start-up business to an award-winning global organization which has generated over US $195 million in sales for clients.

Bergin has significant management experience at both national and international levels. Along with APTelecom Co-Founder and CEO Eric Handa, Bergin has generated over half a billion dollars in sales for clients throughout his career.

Bergin is an Advisory Board Member for Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), and is a frequent speaker and panelist within the ICT sector.




Eric Handa is an experienced telecommunications executive with expertise spanning global management, sales, and leadership roles. With over 15 years of ICT experience, he brings practical and structured guidance to APTelecom, integrating best-in-class technology with the tactical and strategic needs of enterprise and wholesale firms.

Prior to founding APTelecom, Eric worked for AT&T, Tyco Telecommunications, Tata Communications and Bharti Airtel in a number of senior operations, research, and sales assignments covering the primary and emerging markets of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Eric graduated with honors from Bryant University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He later completed the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Executive MBA program in Hong Kong and Chicago at DePaul University. Handa was named the 2013 Young Alumni Leadership Award winner, and serves on the board of the Center for Global and Regional Economic Studies at Bryant University.


Spectrum Futures


Gary Kim is a communications industry analyst of 30 years, and currently works as a telecom/Internet conference content developer, authoring white papers, articles and marketing collateral for firms in the communications industry.

He recently founded the Spectrum Futures conference for the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and acts as a conference advisor for PTC.

He was cited as a global “Power Mobile Influencer” by Forbes; ranked second in the world for strategic coverage of the mobile business.

He is a member of Mensa, the international organization for people with IQs in the top 2 percent.


Director, Business Operations
Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI)


Tony specializes in telecommunications operations specifically in wireless, wireline, broadband and wholesale markets.

Tony has been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years having worked for MCI International, GTE International and Verizon Business as a general manager of a full-service telecommunications company. Tony is currently operating as Director of Business Development and project manager for OSI building a submarine cable system between Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands for Docomo Pacific.

He has developed insightful skills from managing numerous products and services to include wireless, wireline, IPTV, wholesale, voice, data, managed services colocation and submarine cables.

Tony led the sale of a Verizon Business telecommunications property overseas from the initial business case through the regulatory FCC and DHS Team telecommunications approval process. Following the sale of the business unit, he became the Chief Operating Officer of the company and a member of the Pacific Telecom Inc. Board of Directors; he provided corporate direction and oversight to a full-service operating telecommunications company.

Has been a member of PTC and PITA since 1998 and 2001 respectively.

Tony was in the US Navy and was the Officer in Charge of the US Navy Office in Singapore as a Lieutenant Commander in the Supply Corps.


Vice President, Business Development EMEA


Mr. Shaw is a unique senior International Telecommunication Specialist who earned his post-graduate qualifications in electronics, telecommunications, business, marketing, and management, and has over 30 years of experiences in the field of technology, business development and sales.

As the current Vice President of EMEA of Equinix, one of the world’s largest International Business Exchange (IBX) data center and colocation provider, Mr. Shaw has rich experiences with Business Ecosystems, Cloud Services, Colocation, Data Exchange, Data Security, International Business Exchange (IBX®) Data Centers, Internet Content, and Infrastructure, Interconnection Oriented Architecture, and more. Mr. Shaw specializes particularly in the deployment of Network Service Providers into the Equinix Cloud Exchange, the collaboration with the key Cloud Providers (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft and Google), the expansion of the footprint of Network Service Providers to new markets in the Equinix Footprint, as well as the location and acquisition of new facilities in new markets.

Having worked previously in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, the Middle East, and London, Mr. Shaw is currently based in Amsterdam.


Senior Advisor, Mobility Networks & Architecture (CTO Office – APAC)


Remus Tan is a Senior Advisor on Mobility Networks and Architecture in Ciena. He is a member of the APAC CTO organization and is based in Singapore. One of his responsibilities include helping Ciena develop their strategy on Gigabit LTE, 5G and mobility products portfolio.

Remus represents Ciena and contributes in the following standards organizations: ITU-T Study Group 13, IEEE 1914 Next Generation Fronthaul Interface Working Group and NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks). He is also well versed with various 3GPP mobile specifications as well as those mobility-related RFCs in IETF.

Remus has more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunication industry and has worked on both L0/L1/L2/MPLS transport technologies and mobile packet core technologies; including deep involvement in the architectural design of production EPC networks on 3GPP Policy Control, QoS Management and Diameter Signaling. Prior to Ciena, Remus works for Oracle and is involved deeply on NFV technologies for various signaling products within Oracle’s Communications Business Unit.


ASEAN, TIME dotCom Berhad


Director, Asia Pacific Sales
TE Subcom
People’s Republic of China


Herbert got his Master Degree in Data Communications and Networks from the University of Hertfordshire in London in 2004.

He started his career in Huawei (Amsterdam) as a Technical Sales Support engineer focusing on bidding and pre-sales in WCDMA projects. From 2006-2009, he was with IBM China Development Lab., mainly working on business analysis and customer requirement review in SaaS Dept. From 2009 to 2016, Herbert worked at China Mobile as a Senior Project Manager fully in charge of China Mobile’s international network planning, cross-border and submarine cable projects.

He joined TE SubCom as Director of Asia Pacific Sales since April, 2016. His focus is on the account management of the carriers and OTTs in the greater China region and the development of new transPac and intra-Asia projects.

He can be reached via email

About the PTC Academy

The PTC Academy provides exceptional management training to rising industry leaders. Course topics examine the global telecom industry, strategies to identify and solve issues in your business, and more. Expert instructors with senior executive experience lead each course, which includes a mix of presentations, in-depth case studies, and interactive exercises.

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