Submarine Poster Session

PTC is pleased that once again this year, as part of a new tradition for the Submarine Cable Workshop, we have a poster session featuring individual presentations by renowned industry experts from across the industry on unique topics – some technical, some commercial, and some from SubOptic’s working groups updating us on their initiatives. Choose to listen to new ideas around capacity pricing, integrating subsea fiber extensions to data centers, unique desktop study concepts, recent SLTE transponder technology advancements, the launch of a new research project focused on approaches to make subsea cable systems even more environmentally friendly, and SubOptic’s plans to start a mentorship program to support our newest generation of recruits.


“Pricing in Abundance”

John De Ridder, Principal, De Ridder Consulting, Australia

John De Ridder Poster

“Coherent DSP Algorithms and Designs To Optimize Performance in Current and Emerging Submarine Cables”

Han Sun, Infinera Fellow, Infinera Corporation, Canada


“How Different Fibers Impact Modern Telecommunication, Submarine Cable, Data Centers and the Cities We Live In”

Diego Riccardo Teot, Sales Director, International Wholesale Market, Retelit Spa, Italy


“Submarine Cables – Competition or Cooperation”

Andy Bax, Chief Operating Officer, Seaborn Networks, USA


“Unusual Parameters for DTS Analysis”

Regina Sá Menezes, Partner, Graminho Technologies, Brazil
Jorge Salomao, Founder, Graminho Technologies, Brazil


“Decarbonizing the Subsea Network”

SubOptic Global Citizen Working Group Initiative

Anne Pasek, Assistant Professor, Trent University, Canada
Nicole Starosielski, Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, USA
Anjali Sugadev, Independent Legal Consultant, Canada
Hunter Vaughan, Environmental Media Scholar-in-Residence, University of Colorado Boulder, USA


“Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging”

SubOptic Diversity Working Group

Naaz Bax, Head of Marketing, Seaborn Networks, USA
Samuel Edeagu, Lecturer, University of Nigeria, Nigeria
Sarah Kurtz, Business Development Manager, NJFX, USA
Shalini Lagrutta, Global Head of Sales, DXN Limited, Australia
Tabata Materan, Head of Sales, Telxius, USA
Felix Seda, General Manager, NJFX, USA
Liliana Sousa, Doctoral Student, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Lynsey Thomas, Independent Consultant, SubOptic, United Kingdom