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Digging Into the FuturePTC is delighted to introduce a new VLOG series: Digging Into the Future. Hosted by Bill Barney, join in on the exploration of the artifacts of early technology to learn what you can expect in the digital future. Leaning on his training in archaeology and almost 30 years in the telecom industry, Bill will be speaking with tech pioneers as well as leaders of today, to dissect hot topics and issues driving technological innovation and market trends.

Going back to his roots, C-suite executives will share their perspectives and opinions. Bill’s unique perspective on the industry will allow this thought leadership series to glean lessons from the past and use them to predict the future of the industry.

The first episode “Data Centers: From Bricks and Mortars Into the Cloud” features Keri Gilder, CEO, Colt Technology Services; Randy Brouckman, CEO, EdgeConneX; Steve Smith, CEO, Zayo Group; and Afshin Mohebbi, technology investor and board member, DRT. The episode includes insights on technology innovation, market demands, and key drivers of change.

The VLOG series will also offer one-on-one spotlight interviews with C-suite executives. In the first two spotlights, Steve Smith, CEO of Zayo Group, shares his views on the future of digital infrastructure and Akhil Gupta, vice chairman of Bharti Enterprises, discusses the potential of India becoming the next “hotbed of technology” for the region.

Visit PTC.ORG/DITF to catch future episodes of Digging Into the Future, including episode two – “Work From Home: Our New Virtual World” premiering later this week.

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