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Aloha! Greetings from the Succession Planning Committee. “What is the Succession Planning Committee (SPC) and what does it do?” is a logical question that many PTC Members might have asked about this committee.

The SPC is established under the Advisory Council (AC) and is chartered with finding qualified candidates for election to the Board of Governors (BG) and to the Advisory Council itself. The SPC is advisory in nature but establishes a set of procedures to ensure the widest possible participation of PTC Members. As with any organization, there are both formal and informal roles. The formal charge is to “advise the Board of Governors.” The informal role is to develop PTC’s leadership. That happens in several ways, including the task of identifying candidates to run for BG and AC elections.

But wait, why would you want to run for the BG and/or the AC? While there are time commitments with meetings and support to committees, there are benefits to being a major part of PTC. You gain a network of senior-level colleagues from across terrestrial, undersea, and satellite companies. Many will end up being good friends. It is also a benefit to help maintain PTC’s heritage and its continued success.

The BG can have a maximum of 14 members and the AC can have up to 50 members. Nominations for the BG will open on 13 September 2021. PTC Members can nominate another member or self-nominate. In October, the ballot will be distributed to eligible PTC Members to vote on the nominated candidates. The election will then go through a certification process and the results will be announced prior to the PTC Annual Conference.

Joining the AC or BG is among the best ways for members to add value for PTC, helping the organization create and sustain its programs. Moreover, joining is a great way to learn more about the organization and how your specific skills and knowledge can advance the PTC Vision and Mission. Volunteering your time helps PTC. PTC’s mission is to advance the ethical development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to benefit the peoples of the Pacific region. By volunteering in a leadership role with PTC, you in turn help people across the Pacific.

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A Message from Anthony Rossabi and the PTC22 Program Committee