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In an effort to respond to interest from individuals who normally would not be eligible for membership in the organization, PTC’s Board of Governors have approved new individual membership categories and restructured existing offerings. The new categories are in direct response to requests from individuals who have approached PTC staff during the Annual Conference asking if they could join the organization even if their companies cannot or will not become members. We will be introducing these new associate membership opportunities shortly after PTC’22: Reunite. Rethink. Renew. which is scheduled from 16 to 19 January 2022, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village® in Honolulu.

Membership Committee Chair Mike Sauer recommended last year that the committee and council assess the potential of creating new individual memberships given that we were consistently hearing from conference attendees who wanted to become PTC Members but simply were not eligible. Membership in the council is meant to be available to those who are interested in the development and expansion of information and communications technology (ICT) resources in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, membership in the council has traditionally been very broad and includes both for-profit and non-profit companies and organizations, as well as academics and researchers and other individuals.

PTC benefits enormously from the variety of its members. Corporate members provide leadership, larger delegations in attendance at the Annual conference and other sponsored events, as well as sponsorships and marketing activities that are essential to the council’s financial viability. In turn, PTC provides corporate members exceptional marketing venues and opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to PTC’s mission. Individual members, on the other hand, provide the council and PTC Community with notable energy, diversity of expertise, and often fill important roles within the organization.

While the council has always encouraged and welcomed organizations of all types and sizes, in some cases companies or non-profits find it hard for various reasons to become members of PTC. Therefore, the newly-created associate membership categories recognize the desire of individuals from such organizations to join the council and support its mission.

The new associate membership categories will be open to up to three individuals from any non-member for-profit or non-profit company or organization with some limitations. These new individual associate members will be able to serve on our Advisory Council and Board of Governors as well as to vote on the same basis as designated representatives of corporate members and members of other membership categories. With increased knowledge of PTC’s offerings and opportunities, it is our hope and belief that these new associate membership categories will also demonstrate the attractiveness of participation in the PTC Community to their parent organizations and that their organizations will eventually become members.

The new associate membership categories being created are:

    • Individual For-Profit Associate Member (annual dues USD 250)
    • Individual Non-Profit Associate Member (annual dues USD 150)

In addition to these revisions to the individual membership subcategories, the Board of Governors also approved a revision to the category which used to contain both academics and researchers along with retirees. Instead, for individuals who remain active in the PTC Community past their employment and consulting days, a separate individual retiree membership (annual dues USD 150) has been added. These reforms do not change any of the current rights of these members or their annual membership dues.

Finally, a new honorary individual membership category has been created. The Secretariat will nominate long-standing PTC supporters (with at least 25 years of active participation) to the Board of Governors for approval of such recognition as candidates are identified. Recipients will receive lifetime memberships with no annual dues.

Bruce Drake & Timothy Logue

PTC Membership Committee

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