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PTC’24 Center Stage: Unveiling Insights From Industry TitansThe Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), is set to host its highly anticipated PTC’24 conference (21-24 January 2024), gathering top CEOs and industry leaders from across the ICT sector in Honolulu for in-depth insights, thought-provoking discussions, and strategic navigation strategies. In this blog post, we’ll provide a preview of what to expect during the Center Stage sessions at PTC’24.

“PTC has historically brought together visionaries and leaders from the ICT sector to explore the future of telecommunications and digital infrastructure,” said Bill Barney, President and Chair, PTC Board of Governors. “With the PTC Center Stage sessions serving as a wellspring of insights, we eagerly anticipate engaging in dialogues that will shape the trajectory of our industry. Alongside our esteemed peers, we are prepared to help navigate a path marked by innovation and progress in telecommunications and digital infrastructure.

“The Center Stage sessions at PTC’24 are poised to be the heart of the conference, featuring captivating discussions on various industry-related topics. These sessions will dive deep into the current state of our industry, highlighting challenges and opportunities,” Barney added.

Here’s a glimpse of PTC’24 Center Stage discussions …

Video and AI: Catalysts for Industry Transformation

Across the globe, challenges including inflation, interest rate fluctuations, pandemics, and protectionism have slowed the global economy, impacting the growth and sustainability of cloud services. However, there’s a silver lining as video and AI present new avenues for growth and innovation. Amid this complex landscape, crucial questions arise: are we facing a downturn or a resurgence in our industry? How will digital infrastructure adapt to high interest rates? Who will shape the industry’s future? A panel of fund leaders will share insights and strategies for navigating these trends in this evolving landscape.

Strategic Navigation Amid Uncertainty

In this session, we explore the pivotal role of CEOs during challenging times, highlighting their duty to lead their organizations through adversity while envisioning a resilient future. Five distinguished CEOs will share their perspectives on pressing issues in the years ahead, including the enigmatic cloud’s post-COVID trajectory, profitability strategies in the fiber industry, the shift toward data center operators over telcos, and the relevance of REIT structures in the new era of data centers. This insightful discussion promises valuable insights into charting a successful course in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The New Asian Opportunity

While China-U.S. relations have dominated global headlines, the Asia-Pacific region continues to brim with potential. With over a billion prospective internet users and encompassing a majority of the global workforce within the next two decades, the region offers a vast array of opportunities. While some have approached cautiously, others are fully embracing its potential. Renowned for its history of technological leapfrogging, from early mobile phone adoption to online gaming and shared media, Asia offers a landscape rich with intriguing possibilities. Expect profound insights from subject matter experts as they delve into the intricacies and opportunities the Asian market has to offer.

Infrastructure Builders: Shaping the Digital Landscape

In this session, experts will explore the transformation of network throughput and the rise of specialized, scalable data centers over the past five years. The cost of one megabyte of long-haul network throughput has plummeted to a mere 1% of its 2003 price. Additionally, digital infrastructure consumption has shifted, with a handful of companies accounting for over 50% of global infrastructure usage. Looking ahead into the next two decades, questions arise: will this trend persist, and who will be the future buyers of data centers and networks? What lies ahead for traditional telcos? Could we be headed toward a capacity overbuild akin to that of 2001?

Transforming Digital Services

In an era of rapid global expansion and heightened demand for network optimization, the landscape of digital services is undergoing a profound shift. Traditional telcos are stepping back from infrastructure supply chains, paving the way for a new wave of “Under the Top” (UTT) operators. These dynamic players are tasked with delivering integrated services by leveraging their own capabilities and management expertise. Amidst this evolution, pressing questions arise: is the traditional global carrier becoming obsolete? What form will the new OTT network take, and how will OTTs collaborate with providers on infrastructure? This session will explore these pivotal dynamics and the impact of the streaming wars on infrastructure development.

Emerging Market Pioneers

The data center industry, traditionally fixated on developed markets, has recently undergone a major shift toward emerging markets and their central hubs. This transformation is driven by factors such as the rapid pace of digitalization and governmental initiatives aimed at advancing economic growth in these regions. Forward-looking enterprises are at the forefront of this transition, seeking to capitalize on the untapped potential of new markets. Will this trend persist amid high interest rates? Will data center operators opt for emerging markets or seek out developed outposts nearby? Could India realistically emerge as the next Silicon Valley?


As PTC’24 approaches, anticipation is steadily mounting for the Center Stage sessions. In our preview of the discussions awaiting attendees, spanning topics from the impact of the cloud and sustainability challenges to the transformative potential of video and AI, PTC’24 is on the cusp of redefining the future of our industry.

“Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear invaluable insights from industry titans and esteemed thought leaders,” said Brian Moon, CEO, PTC. “Our PTC’24 Center Stage sessions are poised to become groundbreaking discussions that will chart the course for the future of digital transformation and infrastructure development. Stay tuned for further updates and comprehensive coverage of the conference’s Center Stage sessions.”

Join us at PTC’24 to hear from industry titans that are shaping the future of infrastructure development and digital transformation!

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