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PTC'24 Center Stage - The New Market Pioneers

In a world where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, PTC’24 Center Stage is gearing up to explore the uncharted territories of emerging markets across the digital infrastructure space. Traditionally, developed markets have been the focal point for digital infrastructure development. As change sweeps through emerging markets, key industry players are actively engaging in this transformation, driven by fast-paced digitalization and government efforts to boost economic growth.

This PTC’24 panel discussion, scheduled for Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 11:00-11:45 am HST will offer insights, predictions, and a roadmap for steering the dynamic shifts in the global digital space. Hosted by Tony Rossabi, Founder & Managing Member, OCOLO, the distinguished panel of speakers include: Mark Dankberg, Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman, Viasat Inc.; Craig Scroggie, CEO & Managing Director, NEXTDC Limited; Jeff Tench, Executive Vice President, North America and APAC, Vantage Data Centers; Guy Willner, Chairman & Co-founder, IXAfrica; and Joe Zhu, Founder & CEO, Zenlayer.

Will the digital infrastructure operators choose to build in the emerging markets or try and find developed hubs nearby (i.e., Singapore/Hong Kong/Sydney) to provide cloud and other services? This choice not only affects how efficiently they provide services but also defines their reach in a shifting landscape. Moving beyond traditional challenges, there’s a question about whether key players will expand into interior regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, unlocking new possibilities.

In the tech and media scene of emerging markets, satellites are also under scrutiny. Will they keep playing a crucial role, or is fiber optic technology taking the lead? This discussion shapes how communication tech evolves in these growing markets. In addition, beyond familiar territories, the panel will explore the least developed markets like Burma, East Africa, South Asia, and Pacific islands, while turning the spotlight on India –a rising tech hub with lots of talent. Could it become the next Silicon Valley? Understanding India’s role in the global digital landscape is key.

Join us as industry leaders share insights and predictions, shaping the strategies and decisions on how to best embrace the digital frontiers and uncover opportunities ahead.

Attend PTC’24 to connect with influential industry leaders, gain valuable insights into the future of infrastructure development and explore the latest driving forces behind digital transformation! 

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