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PTC'24 Center Stage - Unleashing the Future of Under-The-Top Operators

As we watch various shifts in telecommunications unfold, a notable transformation highlights the potential ascent and evolution of Under-The-Top (UTT) operators. Amidst unprecedented global expansion in the digital domain, conventional service delivery paradigms are being redefined. The challenges of Over-The-Top (OTT) services have taken a new direction, steering toward potential UTT investments where a new generation of operators play a major role in owning and/or developing technology to deliver integrated high-quality services to augment the traditional telco’s infrastructure capabilities.

As the industry witnesses the emergence of UTT operators, a shift is occurring. Our upcoming panel discussion at PTC’24 Center Stage, at 10:15 am on Tuesday, 23 January 2024 will explore this transformative journey. Hosted by Tony Rossabi, Founder and Managing Member, OCOLO, our distinguished panel comprises key players in the OTT and infrastructure space: Gina Haspilaire, Vice President, Global Head of Network Planning & ISP Partnerships at Netflix; Gabriel Holgado, EVP Global Sales at Cirion Technologies; and Joel Wride, Senior Director of Connectivity, Data Center, and Edge Services at eBay.

This transformative journey is not just about a new acronym; it signifies a profound evolution in the way operators navigate and contribute to the future of telecommunications. It emphasizes the need for strategic partnerships and collaborations to fortify and optimize networks to meet the challenges of a digitally connected world. Will UTT operators have the potential of replacing traditional telcos to take the lead in navigating the increasing challenges of Over-The-Top (OTT) services?

The upcoming panel will dive into crucial questions at the heart of the ever-changing telecoms landscape:

  • Is the global carrier of yesteryear becoming extinct in the new digital world?
  • What architectural form will the new OTT network take, and how will UTT operators contribute to its design?
  • Will UTT operators collaborate, sharing infrastructure resources, or are we on the verge of witnessing a classic overbuild scenario?
  • In the midst of the streaming wars, will every channel carve out its own infrastructure, reshaping the landscape of content delivery?

In essence, the narrative of Under-The-Top operators is a captivating chapter in the ongoing telecoms saga. Our panel discussion at PTC’24 Center Stage aims to provide insights into the challenges, opportunities, and collaborative efforts that will shape the future of UTT operators. Join us as we explore the latest developments in our digital world.

Attend PTC’24 to connect with influential industry leaders, gain valuable insights into the future of infrastructure development and explore the latest driving forces behind digital transformation! 

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