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The Growing Need for Integrated Digital InfrastructureHyperscalers and digital enterprises are navigating a landscape where capacity demands are growing at an unprecedented rate. The ability to rapidly scale space, power, and fiber capacity, may mean the success or failure of achieving their business vision. DC BLOX, a leading multi-tenant data center infrastructure and dark fiber network provider in the Southeast U.S., has realized the value created by serving as an integrated data center and dark fiber network solution provider. This approach streamlines the number of partners involved in regional projects and accelerates the deployment of customized data center solutions. DC BLOX connects all of its hyperscale-ready data center projects into its regional dark fiber network and has the capability to build new customer routes, greatly expanding the options for new hyperscale, high-tech, content providers, and digitally advanced enterprises for regional and global connectivity. 
Hyperscalers and their peers need and expect high-capacity dark fiber to connect from their data centers, likely to carry data to their other regional data centers, to their customers’ devices, and even through cable landing stations for international data transfer. However, the availability of such fiber running close to target locations does not always exist, particularly in or near edge markets. It may be possible to negotiate with regional dark fiber providers to build new routes to meet their specific needs, but oftentimes the locations are not aligned with the fiber provider’s business needs and thus there is limited incentive for them to build the routes. Negotiating agreements with potentially multiple dark fiber providers can result in extended deployment timelines, increased costs, and inefficient route locations. DC BLOX’s innovative approach of seamlessly integrating dark fiber directly into its data centers and having a built-in capability and incentive to build custom fiber routes mitigates these challenges, offers hyperscale clients a one-stop solution that reduces negotiation complexities, streamlines deployment, and accelerates the realization of their customers’ business objectives. By way of example, DC BLOX has already partnered with global hyperscaler companies to land Atlantic subsea cables from Europe and South America and has built a new dark fiber route to address their connectivity needs from the new Myrtle Beach cable landing station to Atlanta, passing by several of their regional data centers along the way.
The significant acceleration of digital transformation across industries, the need for business and consumers to have local access to critical digital services, and the dependence of economies on digital innovation, means that modern high-capacity digital infrastructure must continue to be distributed into every corner of the earth. Data centers and fiber networks are foundational elements of this movement. In the many underserved areas across the globe where there are no options to just rebuild or expand, we must create. 

Jeff Uphues, CEO, DC BLOX

Jeff Uphues

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