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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the third season of our featured series, Digging Into the Future! Join us for biweekly episodes as PTC’s president and chair of the Board of Governors, Bill Barney, connects with industry titans to explore hot topics shaping the industry’s future. These spotlight interviews will be shared every other Tuesday, from today through mid-July 2024 with an incredible lineup spanning 11 episodes. A teaser of each episode will be made available each Thursday prior.  

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In this season’s inaugural episode, we’re excited to feature Gautam Bhandari, Global Chief Investment Officer of I Squared Capital.

In this episode of Digging Into the Future, we chat with Gautam Bhandari, Global Chief Investment Officer of I Squared Capital, to explore the company’s strategic acquisitions in digital infrastructure. Bhandari offers insights into integrating diverse assets such as power plants and data centers, highlighting both synergies and challenges. Additionally, he discusses the impact of geopolitics and rising protectionism on global investments. 

Stay tuned for an enlightening journey into the future of our industry. We can’t wait to share these enriching discussions with you! 

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