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Maulik Shah, CEO, Ecosmob

Maulik Shah


In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) for telecommunications has overcome bottlenecks and optimized the technology’s throughput. Incorporating automation and hardware evasion has curtailed the system’s manual functioning leaning toward software applications. Utilizing this, AI is used to detect network anomalies by identifying potential threats before they occur and delivering a secure landscape for the telecom industry.

Since the adoption of AI in the telecommunications sector, there has been faster and more informed decision-making, efficient management of repetitive tasks, and optimal utilization of resources. AI solutions work autonomously through self-training and learning, thereby spiking the system’s efficiency. State-of-the-art telecommunication organizations adopt AI and machine learning (ML) strategies to optimize network performance, evolving customer retention with satisfaction and raising the ROI.

Here are a few applications of AI in the telecom industry that have accelerated the growth of the business dynamics:

  • Optimizing Network Performance: AI can be leveraged to identify patterns and reduce network congestion to enhance performance. Network optimization is obtained by applying industry-leading AI techniques and overcoming any loopholes affecting network performance. AI for telecom studies hazards before they occur, safeguarding against any disruption.
  • Predictive Maintenance: AI is able to determine outages via switches, routers, or stations, thereby protecting against any major escalation and preventing lowered downtimes. This is done by constantly evaluating network performance and taking corrective measures before the system fails.
  • Fraud Detection: AI disrupts fraudulent activity like SIM cloning, call/SMS spoofing, and non-reliant network usage. With the help of gauging network behavior, AI can detect any irregularity, assert a positive network experience, and eradicate network fraud.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP enables AI systems to understand basic language queries via the chatbot and virtual assistants, thus heightening the network performance. It converses with customers in a natural language, answering queries, and resolving blockages.
  • Network Security and Threat Identification: AI systems become more robust with iterations, thereby reinstating them powerfully and enabling a secure and potent ecosystem. Major telecom industry giants rely on AI for network security thanks to its tangible results.
  • Customer Service Support: AI has led to a positive impact on customer service leading to a reduction in churn rate, friction, and increased engagement. Technologies like chatbots and sentiment analysis lead to streamlining workflow and resolving customers’ queries quickly.

Apart from these factors, AI has also come in handy in optimizing for IoT, mobile computing, cloud computing, robotic automation, 5G integration, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This goes without saying that AI is the future of telecom, poised to play a significant role as technology evolves.

Overall, AI has ushered a new wave in the telecom industry through network optimization, thriving customer interaction, enhancing network security, and enabling data-driven security. While this is just the beginning, AI is forecasted to revamp the telecom industry with the best technologies in the coming years.

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