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Marco Dunhof
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-owner
TelServ B.V.

Over the years, PTC has delivered a huge impact on the Telecom industry with supporting its members worldwide by being a catalyst for business growth through the many meetings that it facilitates. By facilitating industry collaboration and partnership-building, PTC has created an ecosystem where organizations across the Telecommunication industry will benefit from the added values each member brings. TelServ is convinced that it can deliver a unique added value to the members of PTC and that, based on our knowledge and experience, TelServ will serve a leading role in the ecosystem.

TelServ is one of the biggest suppliers of worldwide telecommunication services, such as DIDs, Premium Rate Numbers, Shared Cost Numbers, and Toll-Free Numbers (800 numbers). Today, TelServ presents: NumbersOnline. The world at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

NumbersOnline is a real time, online platform that delivers numbers in 145+ countries. This highly innovative platform is built on compliance guarantees and anti-fraud capabilities to support your business globally!

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