Digging Into the Futur


PTC invites you to join host Bill Barney in its new VLOG series: Digging Into the Future. Leaning on his training in archaeology and almost 30 years in the telecom industry, Bill will be speaking with tech pioneers as well as the
C-suite executives of today, to dissect hot topics and issues driving technological innovation and market trends.
Join in on the exploration of the artifacts of early technology to learn what we can expect in our digital future.

Digital Infrastructure: Assets Integration and Geopolitical Challenges
Insights on Fiber and Digital Infrastructure Acquisitions
Telecom Transformation: From Internet Boom to AI Revolution
CEO’s Take: Shaping the Future of Data Centers | Digging Into The Future | Andy Power
Technology Improves Storytelling & Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland
Leveraging Technology to Serve Communities
Technology Improves Storytelling & Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland
Leveraging Technology to Serve Communities
Views from an ICT Leader
Getting Infrastructure Right
Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 3
Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 2
Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 1

2021 Season Wrap Up

2021 Season Wrap Up

VLOG Series Episodes

Views from the Emerging Markets
C-Suite / Board Recruitment in the "New Normal"
Big Government vs Tech
Vint Cerf - Alpha Centauri
Vint Cerf - Navigating into Space
Vint Cerf - Mapping DNA
Vint Cerf - Autonomous Cars and Quantum Computing
Raising Tech Capital Via SPACs - Part 1
Scaling Digital Infrastructure
CRYPTO RUSH - Cryptocurrency 101
Work From Home: Our New Virtual World
Data Centers: From Bricks and Mortars Into the Cloud
An "Archaeologist Turned Tech CEO" Leads the Dig

Spotlight Interviews

Afzal Abdul Rahim: From Challenger to Leader
Russ Matulich: Next Generation Subsea
Jaya Kumra: Hong Kong in the Digital Age
Christine Greybe, President, Leadership Consulting, DHR International
Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, Global Head – Communications Infrastructure, RBC Capital Markets
Chris Laskowski, CEO, MSA Capital Acquisition Corp.
Wilfred Kwan, COO, Turbidite
David Coughlan, CEO, SubCom
Bill Stein, CEO, Digital Realty
Paul Reynolds, Chairman, STV Group
Vinod Kumar, CEO of Vodafone Business
Keri Gilder, CEO of Colt
Yangbin Wang, CEO of Vobile
Dan Caruso, Executive Chairman and acting CEO of ColdQuanta
Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeconneX
Alex Arena, former Group Managing Director, PCCW/HKT, and former Australia telecom regulator
Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman, Bharti Enterprises
Steve Smith, CEO, Zayo

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