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PTC Member Profile: Edwin Van Ierland, iBASIS

Edwin Van Ierland, chief commercial officer at iBASIS since 2019 and former SVP global voice sales and retail from 2017, has built a substantial career at the Ministry of Defense, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Schiphol Telematics, KPN Telecom, and iBASIS Inc. in various staff and executive [...]

We’re Here. And We’re Ready.

Each year, Verizon Partner Solutions thinks about how we can work smarter. Our mission is always to help our customers move their business forward, partnering for success to build tomorrow with the best of today in the technology space. With that in mind, our company has looked at some [...]

PTC Member Profile: Fred Marroquin, Sippy Software

With a degree in philosophy, Fred Marroquin has been described as an "engineer" of communication, ideas, and concepts. Fred’s experience revolves around software, particularly as it is used by call centers, having set up and managed a call center for a software company, and having been involved [...]

Month in Review: June 2020

Our agendas globally have many to-do items, above and beyond even the pandemic. But each one has been highlighted by it. In June, experts counseled that diversity and inclusion still matter even in this crisis. Unfortunately, big-tech hiring practices showed “very little has changed” despite at [...]

PTC Member Profile: Justin Melnikoff, MOX

Justin Melnikoff is responsible for daily operations as well as planning and executing MOX’s corporate strategy. Justin has extensive background in building and developing strategic alliances, acquisitions, and establishing or procuring assets that coincide with the executive vision.

The Rise of the Enterprise Edge Node: White Paper

As the adoption of cloud-based services continues to be on the rise, different models such as multi cloud and hybrid cloud have been developed. While formulating and executing their outsourcing strategies, enterprises have considerations for two aspects (at a high level)–the compute and the [...]

PTC Academy: Live Online Training Courses

I would like to start off this blog with a big thank you to all who have supported the PTC Academy over the last three years. It has been fantastic to watch it evolve and grow over time. The most recent 2019 PTC Academy course was a great success, and the students that attended provided [...]

PTC Member Profile: Robert Elcombe, DataCentre220

Newly appointed General Manager, Robert Elcombe, brings to the company exceptional knowledge built upon decades of experience. During his time in school, he generated early basic programs on ticker tape for the local university’s mainframe to run. From these very early foundations, he assisted [...]

Getting Closer to the Network (Explained)

The biggest impact on automation and digital transformation? Maintaining network inventory. For service providers, keeping an eye on what’s in the network can quickly become overwhelming and tedious. It becomes even more cumbersome when the layer of requirements for service layer inventory and [...]

Month in Review: May 2020

Was May all about reflecting on the experience and looking forward to life after COVID-19? Perhaps. The global telecom industry has been the glue of planetary life in lockdown. But it has not escaped fully unscathed. The financial impact may yet arrive, although negative outcomes may be [...]