5G Meets the Real World

As 5G moves into (nearly) touching distance for those lucky, early-adopting communities around the world that will see it deployed, there are still overhanging questions as to what success will finally look like.

The State of the Submarine Cable Industry

Today is arguably the most exciting time in our history to be involved in the global ICT community. With new technologies emerging, competitors collaborating or merging outright, and new communities coming online for the first time, the world is becoming a more closely-connected place.

Podcast: The PTC Broadband Reports

The PTC–commissioned broadband reports series are unparalleled in their insights and depth of study. Policy, regulatory, commercial, and technological drivers are examined for broadband in Myanmar, Fiji, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Month in Review: June 2018

With June now in the books, that means it’s another month closer to PTC’19 and there’s another month’s worth of stories to reflect on. In this month’s Month in Review, we’ll look at some of the topics that generated the most discussion in June, as well as some of the things we have been working [...]

Month in Review: May 2018

With each month that passes, PTC’19 draws closer and closer. While we are busy preparing for our next annual conference, plenty of exciting developments continue to take place in the fast-paced world of global ICT. As we like to do at the end of each month, join us as we take a look back at [...]

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