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ZoomInfo: Q&A with Henry Schuck, Founder & CEO

PTC’23 featured participant Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo spoke with Jason McGee-Abe about the bootstrapped SaaS business that went from a dorm room in Ohio to bringing in private equity funding, transacting 15 M&As, and initially raising USD 1 billion in its IPO amid the COVID-19 [...]

PTC Member Profile: Scotty Benda, LightRiver

Scotty Benda joined LightRiver in 2022 as chief product officer, where he leads the sales systems engineering, Factory Built Networks®, project management, and netFLEX® customer operations teams. Scotty has 30+ years of experience in R&D, start-ups, global sales systems engineering, and [...]

Top Secret Tips to Win the PTC Awards 2023

OK. This post is not really about how to win the PTC Awards 2023, which are decided by a global panel of distinguished judges. However, it does provide guidelines on how not to disqualify your organization by making common mistakes that we’ve seen over the past few years.

Connectivity and Reliability Challenges in 2022

The demand for bandwidth and fiber optic network infrastructure continues to escalate, driven by numerous reasons, including return to office, streaming media, and the continued adoption of other bandwidth intensive applications. Wireless carriers also face unique challenges to fuel the [...]

A Message From the SPC Chair

Aloha! Greetings to everyone from the Succession Planning Committee (SPC). It is that time of year again, where the SPC is ramping up to support the PTC elections for the Board of Governors (BG) and the Advisory Council (AC).

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