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PTC Member Profile: Brett Roberts, BaishanCloud

Brett Roberts brings over 20 years of business planning, sales cloud computing, and network  building experience to BaishanCloud. He has a strong knowledge of enterprise software, AR, AI, machine learning strategy, and cloud platform management, backed by a solid history of high-energy [...]

A New AI World

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is set to propel the telecommunications industry into a new digital economy, full of opportunity and possibility. AI has evolved and scaled up into endless practical applications being deployed across every business and every function, changing the world.

PTC Member Profile: Eric Hall, MOX Networks

Eric Hall brings over 23 years of network planning, engineering, and sales engineering experience to MOX Networks. He has held leadership roles at Sidera as a sales engineer, Intellifiber/Paetec/Windstream as a network engineer/sales engineer, and CityNet (acquired by Zayo) as a senior sales [...]

PTC Member Profile: Sunil Gupta, Yotta Infrastructure

Known as the “data center man of India,” Sunil has built and operated the most third-party data centers in India. His efforts have been instrumental in India’s data center growth story and have been recognized in the industry in the form of numerous accolades on domestic and global platforms. [...]

PTC Member Profile: Maxie Reynolds, Subsea Cloud

Maxie Reynolds is the founder and CEO of Subsea Cloud, a startup that builds, deploys, and maintains subsea data centers. She started her career in oil and gas as an underwater robotics pilot and subsea engineer before working in cybersecurity and social engineering. She published a bestselling [...]

Banking the Bits and the Bytes

To be fit for the modern world, banks and other financial service providers need to reduce their costs, develop new business models, activate new revenue streams beyond the standard set of financial services, and meet the needs and expectations of increasingly tech-savvy customers. They need to [...]