Catch Up On the State of AI in 20 Minutes

There is perhaps no topic of greater interest — and less real comprehension — than artificial intelligence. Perhaps it’s because after decades of limited progress, in the last few years, computational power, algorithms, funding, storage capabilities for large datasets, and free open-source [...]

PTC Member Profile: Mike Jonas, LightRiver

With LightRiver since 2003, Mike Jonas is responsible for all customer-facing corporate business and technology development, including strategic marketing and sales in all areas, systems and sales engineering, and the network factory and field operations teams for network delivery via [...]

Month In Review: February 2020

In February, a global virus dominated the news. A human tragedy, it also focused attention on economic structures and the viability of supply chains. Commentators mulled the impact on tech markets and changes in satellite launch schedules, but we also saw some services lately resumed. The [...]

PTC Member Profile: Nadya Melic, Telstra

Named Outstanding Female Executive at the PTC Awards 2020, Nadya Melic is responsible for Telstra’s connectivity, voice, and platforms portfolio for all geographies outside of Australia. Nadya’s role includes managing a global team of product managers for Telstra’s global connectivity, [...]

Is 5G a Revolution or Evolution?

How much change will 5G bring to the Internet ecosystem? “Less than you think” or “almost everything” are the range of expectations for 5G expressed at a PTC’20 Center Stage panel on 5G implications. Much hinges on which part of the ecosystem one examines.

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