The Next Generation of Big Ideas

Look into the blue African skies over Rwanda, remarked CMC Networks’ Marisa Trisolino, and you may see something truly intriguing: a drone skimming along carrying medicines and blood supplies to remote clinics. Half a world away, early-stage developments are promising the same in the Pacific [...]

Podcast: Hong Kong: Hypercompetitive Regulation?

What regulatory toolkit keeps a highly dynamic market highly dynamic? Hong Kong may well be the world’s most competitive marketplace. According to the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), in 2018 there were four mobile network operators, 27 local fixed network operators, 241 external [...]

Year In Review: 2018 – A New Epoch?

If 2018 has signaled anything, it has signaled likely epochal change in an industry already used to dynamism. The new epoch appears to be heading our way, perhaps sooner than many of us thought. This year saw one industry leader predicting millions of entirely new IT jobs and far reaching [...]

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