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2021-2022 IPv4 Address Prices

IPv4 address pricing has taken varied paths during the past few years. From a five-year perspective, prices have risen dramatically. Recent trends, especially in relative pricing and variations in block-size costs, tell a different story.

PTC’23: Beyond Zero Touch

“What business are you in?” is one issue Console Connect by PCCW Global CEO Marc Halbfinger discussed during his PTC’23 Center Stage session: The Zero Touch, High Transaction Telco, and Beyond, talking about Console Connect, the firm he quips actually acquired PCCW Global.

PTC Member Profile: Chris Marino, AQUABLUE CORP

Chris has over 35 years of extensive experience providing network services for the financial services industry. A leader of innovation, he founded several successful companies including Wall Street Network Solutions, a niche connectivity provider to the financial markets, acquired by GTT in [...]

Is Indonesia the Next Global Digital Hub?

In Indonesia, conditions couldn’t be more ideal for a digital boom. Skyrocketing Internet adoption, government-backed digital growth initiatives, major investments, and tech startups setting up shop all point to Indonesia’s transformation into a world-leading digital hub. Does this emerging [...]

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