Month In Review: August 2019

So many trends, so many opportunities. August saw big questions and even bigger predictions. The questions came thick and fast: What’s the future for wireline when fixed voice is relentlessly declining? What future video standards will we need? What’s the future of machine learning in mobile [...]

PTC Member Profile: Joe Zhu, Zenlayer

Joe Zhu is the Founder and CEO of Zenlayer, an edge cloud services provider. As a telecommunications professional with over 20 years of experience in the Pacific region, Joe has always been passionate about the exchange of ideas and commerce between Asia and the rest of the world. Prior to [...]

Upping the IoT Ante – Operation Cyborg

Biohackers, Grinders, or Cyborgs are what they call themselves. This new trend of integrating commercial technologies with the human body has “upped the ante” from standard body modification (such as forked tongues and elvish ears) and cosmetic surgery (e.g., breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc.).

Month in Review: July 2019

Just how important is telecom to global development? This summer, one influential channel – the World Bank – propelled it into top tier alongside water and power infrastructures. In a major thought leadership report, World Bank emerged to say more resilient critical infrastructure in the face [...]

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