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PTC Member Profile: Jeff Uphues, DC BLOX

Jeff is the CEO of DC BLOX, taking on the crucial role of shaping and guiding its strategy, vision, and execution. Under his leadership, the company owns and operates Tier III-rated data centers in five key southeast markets and a cable landing station in Myrtle Beach.

PTC Member Profile: Lin Ma, CDS Global Cloud

Lin Ma has over 20 years experience in strategic engagement in technology transformation within the telecom sector, catering to both carriers and large global enterprises. Focusing on customer success, she has led business development and market- driven product development, achieving over [...]

Decoding the Digital Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital infrastructure, as the cost of network throughput continues on a downward spiral, it’s prompting questions about the future players in data centers and networks. Will tech giants tighten their grip, or will emerging disruptors and unforeseen forces [...]

Tomorrow’s Techscape: The New Asia Opportunity

In a world where geopolitical turbulence often gets the spotlight, Asia is the disruptor that not only holds the key to the next billion internet users but also commands more than 60% of the world's working population over the next two decades. As the region undergoes seismic shifts in digital [...]

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