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PTC Member Profile: Jon Falker, Prime Data Centers

Jon Falker is the director of marketing for Prime Data Centers. Jon brings over a decade of marketing leadership to Prime, from B2B SaaS startups to Fortune 100 tech bellwethers like Intel. Jon has experience leading all aspects of marketing including branding, messaging, strategic positioning, [...]

PTC Member Profile: Bob Generale, Percepture

Bob Generale is the guy you want on your side and there’s no place else he’d rather be. Thoughtful, engaging, upbeat, and best of all, results obsessed. As senior vice president, digital marketing and global operations, of Percepture, he is passionate about your business and helping to deliver [...]

PTC Member Profile: Oliver Camplin-Warner, Telstra

Oliver Camplin-Warner is the CEO of Telstra’s international business, where he is responsible for wholesale and enterprise sales and service internationally. He leads an international team serving more than 1,000 customers with world-leading customer service, products, and solutions under [...]

PTC Member Profile: Leslie Reid, MOX Networks

Leslie Reid heads all marketing initiatives for MOX, focusing on corporate branding, creating market awareness, and ensuring a positive customer experience. Prior to MOX, Leslie was the director of global marketing at EdgeConneX, leading the creation of the brand, complete with messaging and [...]