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PTC Member Profile: Paul Cannon, Seaborn

Paul Cannon is vice president of engineering and operations at Seaborn. Prior to Seaborn, he served as vice president of planning and design for Global Marine Systems Limited (GMSL) as part of their joint venture business, Huawei Marine Networks (HMN). Paul led the solution design team at GMSL [...]

Month in Review: October 2020

Analysts predict many people will first interact with a 5G network through the world of sport as BT, NTT, and PCCW Global build offerings. Augmented and virtual reality may help manufacturers keep pace with an increasing skills gap or preserve Indiginous language, laws, and customs. NASA awards [...]

SpaceDC: Timeliness in a Global Crisis

The COVID-19 situation has seen the reallocation of most online activities, leading to the rapid expansion of digital services. One good example is Zoom, with an increase of almost 200 million daily active users since the onset of the pandemic. The platform has seen growth of approximately 20 [...]

PTC Member Profile: Todd Cushing, 1623 Farnam

Todd Cushing is a nationally recognized data center, IT, and telecom executive with over 25 years of experience. Todd’s primary roles at 1623 Farnam include the design and oversight of the technology infrastructure of the data center, establishing and maintaining relationships with telecom [...]