Year in Review: 2019

In 2019, a set of key phrases stood out in a year of immense change: the rise of Asia-Pacific, the rollout of networks, and the power of digital transformation everywhere. But the year got its real identity from a single number and a single letter put together: 5G.

PTC Member Profile: Erik Bohlin, ITS

Erik Bohlin is a professor at the Department of Technology Management & Economics at Chalmers University of Technology. He has published in a number of areas relating to the information society – policy, strategy, and management. He is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Telecommunications Policy.

Digital in Rural Areas

For many years, the digital revolution has only been an urban matter. Smartphones have made it easier to explore and enjoy our cities. The sharing economy has changed the way we move and live around them. Driverless cars, AI, and IoT are expected to make our metropolises smarter and smarter. [...]

Month in Review: November 2019

As the month opened, we digested what an anniversary meant: specifically, the 50th Anniversary of the first message sent on the ARPANET. The actual message was truncated to just two letters: L and O. Was “LO” in folklore heralding something wonderful? In fact, researchers admitted they were [...]

PTC Member Profile: Gil Santaliz, NJFX

As Founder & CEO of NJFX, Gil Santaliz’ innovative approach to thinking outside traditional telecom partnerships and network architecture has led him to establish NJFX, a unique offering that impacts global communications. Previously, as the founder of a metro fiber network, 4Connections LLC, [...]

Month in Review: October 2019

If you are involved in the international wireless sector, October 2019 had a particular significance: WRC-19, the United Nations intergovernmental conference on spectrum management and satellite orbits commenced after four years of intensive preparation.

WRC-19: The Big and Future Picture

In the second part of an overview on the World Radiocommunication Conference, we look to present and future concerns in the international spectrum management community WRC-19 aspirations, negotiations, and – less desirably – harmful overlaps come in all shapes and sizes. Take the interests of [...]

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