PTC-TV Executive Interviews: Innovation Awards

Eric Handa, Co-Founder and CEO of APTelecom, served on the independent panel of judges for the inaugural 2018 PTC Innovation Awards. He discusses why the merit of submissions allows companies to showcase new products and services that add value and improve the industry. Mr. Handa highlights [...]

Month in Review: October 2018

Look at ICT globally, and the ties that bind it, then suddenly you realize there are big connections in all that connectivity. Those big connections are now upon us. IoT is connected to 5G. 5G is connected to big broadband networks. Telco transformation is connected to both. Customer [...]

PTC Member Profile: Nakul Rege, Bankai Group

Nakul Rege is Chief Growth Officer at Bankai Group, offering a wide range of mobile finance, along with global wholesale and retail solutions.  Nakul’s role is to identify new opportunities and increase existing business by making the company’s portfolio, of several powerful international [...]

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