Submarine Cables – Dominant Players Beyond 2020

As content providers continue to expand their reach by installing caches and nodes within each region and in many cases in-country, what will this mean for carriers and the submarine cable industry? It appears that the legacy requirement for carriers and others to get to key Internet hubs such [...]

Why We Joined PTC: Telegeography

I first attended PTC in 2004, to see if it was worth our time and travel. I returned to Washington after PTC’04 and told my colleagues, "we need to send more people." TeleGeography has sent a team to PTC every year, since.

Why I Joined PTC: Joe Weinman

I have keynoted or otherwise spoken at literally hundreds of conferences around the world, spanning industry, analyst, vendor, and academic events. However, PTC—as both an organization and conference—is absolutely unique.

Why We Joined PTC: Kordia

I have been involved in the telecommunications industry in New Zealand and Australia since 1998. During that time I have worked with passionate people to bring about a more competitive and advanced communications vision for this part of the world.

Connecting Worlds Through 5G

5G is among the hottest “buzz words” in the global telecom business for good reasons: it might be transformative in several ways, driving big industry revenue changes; changing the value of network assets and blending “mobile” and “fixed” networks in new ways.

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