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The PTC–commissioned broadband reports series are unparalleled in their insights and depth of study. Policy, regulatory, commercial, and technological drivers are examined for broadband in Myanmar, Fiji, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Dr. Elizabeth Fife, University of Southern California

What you will learn in this audiocast (11min 46sec):

  • The current situation of broadband in the Philippines
  • Obstacles and drivers to roll out
  • Identification of future growth opportunities in the SME and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) spaces
  • Market similarities and differences

The PTC Broadband Reports deliver key insights as well as common methods and approaches in pushing broadband forward in emerging Asia-Pacific markets. The fourth PTC Broadband Report, The Philippines: Mobilizing an Archipelago, focuses on the opportunities for the Philippine telecom industry to meet the country’s need for broadband infrastructure with recommendations for targeted efforts to increase the dynamism of the sector.

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