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89Degree Networks

89Degree networks

Robert “Bert” Crinks has 30+ years experience working on major communication systems utilizing terrestrial, undersea, and satellite systems. He has strong systems engineering skills in the areas of requirements development, requirements analysis, project risk analysis, project schedule development and analysis, along with project configuration management, and project earned value definition and analysis. Mr. Crinks has performed project testing for ground-based communication and imagery systems, and undersea systems; managing the successful implementation of a global long-haul network, and the integration of Metro networks with undersea cable systems. Mr. Crinks currently serves on the PTC Board of Governors and is the Co-Chair of the PTC Membership Committee.

What value does PTC hold for you?

PTC holds tremendous personal value to me. PTC has helped my business, my career, and my thirst for knowledge. Supporting PTC makes me feel good and allows me the opportunity to contribute conference ideas, attract new members, and meet some fantastic people.

What advice would you give to new members of PTC?

First, to understand PTC is more than an annual conference. PTC is an organization to learn from others, while passing along knowledge and experience; it’s a great place to become part of a community. Since PTC is active all year long there’s multiple opportunities to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. There are ways to help young scholars and communities by bringing technology to them. Best advise, join the organization and become active. You are the only thing that limits what you can do.

How does PTC fit with your larger career purpose?

PTC has allowed me to learn and grow. PTC has allowed me to be a leader, a member of a team, and strengthen my ability to present topics to a group. By being an active member of PTC, I’ve had the opportunity to set goals and objectives with the organization, monitor the results, and report back on progress. As part of the PTC Membership Committee, it allows us to introduce new and innovative ideas to attract people and companies in becoming members. Presenting at board meetings, member luncheons, and panel discussions has helped me to become more comfortable speaking in front of people. Bottom line, PTC helps me be a better leader and team member.

About 89Degree Networks:

89Degree Networks is a small business that combines a unique set of staff and network capabilities. The personnel has a range of experience including: data path selection, utilizing global fiber networks, long-term service provider to the US Government, representation of the US Government as a network customer, and US Government contracting expertise. 89Degree Networks has the experience and access to a global set of network resources to enable a unique cost-effective set of capabilities.

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