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PTC is proud to welcome our newest interns Tamilyn, Shannon, and Rin to the organization. Activities and responsibilities surrounding the PTC organization are abundant, especially as we gear up for PTC’19. The Pacific Telecommunications Council is dedicated to educating young scholars, while building leaders in telecommunications, who seek to learn more about information technology industries. Our goal is ensuring our interns have a well-rounded concept of the industry, services and policies, while recognizing the powerful impact the PTC Annual Conference has on the Pacific region and beyond.

Tamilyn Ng

I’m Tamilyn, a final-year Mass Communication student from Singapore. Living in Hawaii has been nothing short of amazing and I am beyond fascinated by the sights and culture. It still feels surreal to be able to live in this tropical paradise 6,870 miles from home.

I can’t begin to express how immensely grateful I am to be a part of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), with an incredible group of people who are so encouraging. They’re constantly pushing me toward my full potential, inspiring me to grow as an individual and a professional. It is an honor to learn from the team at PTC during my time as an intern.

Here at PTC, I am assisting with student volunteer recruitment, PTC Membership, conference registration, and overall conference responsibilities.

I’m happy to call Hawaii my second home and there’s nothing in the world I would trade for this experience. I look forward to seeing you at PTC’19!

Shannon Tan

Aloha! I’m Shannon, a third-year student pursuing a diploma in Mass Communication from the sunny island of Singapore. I’ve had the incredible opportunity and privilege of interning at PTC in Hawaii.

From the scenic skies and rainbows to the breathtaking oceans and beaches, traveling across the globe to Honolulu has been nothing short of a dream. Aside from feasting on the delicious local delicacies such as poke bowls, and engaging in exhilarating water sports like surfing, I’m extremely grateful to be interning at PTC, where I’m constantly honing my skills and gaining new experiences. I work alongside the capable staff of PTC in preparation to execute the PTC Annual Conference.

Here at PTC, my various duties include assisting with volunteer recruitment, PTC-TV, sponsorship, hotel suites, and converted rooms for the PTC Annual Conference. I look forward to seeing you at PTC’19!


Rin Azhar

Aloha! I’m Rin, a final-year Mass Communication student from Singapore. This year my stars really aligned. I received the amazing opportunity to be an intern at PTC and participate in PTC’19.

My time in Hawaii has been nothing short of beautiful. I have not been able to part myself from the beaches and the endless supply of spicy ahi. When I’m not spending my time in the ocean, I’m assisting the team at PTC with the Young Scholar Program, volunteer recruitment, and development of the PTC’19 Mobile App.

I’m a huge design geek, so my time at PTC has been nothing but a dream. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such hardworking people. There’s so much more for me to learn, and so much more space for me to grow, both personally and professionally.

I’m so excited to see where this internship takes me. Right now, there’s no place I would rather be but here.

See you at PTC’19!


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