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Nakul Rege
Chief Growth Officer
Bankai Group

Nakul Rege is Chief Growth Officer at Bankai Group, offering a wide range of mobile finance, along with global wholesale and retail solutions. Nakul’s role is to identify new opportunities and increase existing business by making the company’s portfolio, of several powerful international brands and services, available to various telecom companies and financial institutions in the telecom and ICT areas. Nakul has extensive experience in telecoms having previously worked in international divisions of MCI and Verizon for over 20 years, representing these companies at global meetings, the ITU, and the FCC.

What value does PTC hold for you?
PTC, a nonprofit organization, has been uniting leaders, industry experts, and researchers to address matters relevant to the telecom industry. PTC Members and contributors continue to be at the forefront of contemporary and next generation industry solutions.  The futuristic vision of members provides opportunities for companies like Bankai Group to develop customized solutions, bridging the requirements of the ICT and telecom sectors. The strong relationships formed with PTC Members facilitates this effort.

What technology breakthrough do you most want to see? 
I foresee an IoT-connected and AI-powered intelligent telecom ecosystem. Globally, telecom development is at different stages, unlike the past however, the transition path is no longer slow and predictable. The aim should be to build a better digital platform combining security, connectivity, data, and analysis in an integrated cloud environment, while accelerating innovation in mobile commerce by utilizing several advanced mobile capabilities.

What one network-related development do you think has had (or will have) the greatest impact on our world?
The advent of 5G network will be an evolutionary leap toward enhancing mobile broadband, embracing mCommerce, and provisioning highly reliable and low latency communication services. SDN and NFV technologies also have the potential to spark innovation by reducing CAPEX and OPEX, and creating new revenue opportunities for the telecom industry.

About Bankai Group:
Bankai Group is a globally recognized leader in the information and communications technologies (ICT) and services sector, with interests in wholesale, retail voice services, and telecom technology. Headquartered in New York, Bankai Group has local presence in many countries. For the past 29 years, Bankai Group has been instrumental in offering high quality voice solutions worldwide through its direct interconnects with more than 125 Tier 1 operators and 2,200 carriers. Bankai Group also offers indigenously developed telecom and mobile finance solutions for the telecom and VAS industries, streamlines the businesses of telcos, carriers, Tier 1 & 2 operators and service providers through BridgeVoice, an automated carrier platform for online trading and settlement of voice, SMS, Unified Communications, and collaboration services. Bankai Group and its subsidiaries have received recognition from many renowned organizations like Deloitte, Capacity Media, and European Digital Mindset Awards for outstanding telecom and technology solutions.

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