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Melissa Pedrazzini
Sales and Business Development Lead APAC & USA, Rincon Technology

Hooked on problem solving for the great communication providers of the world, Pedrazzini is a relentless advocate for leveraging green market resources to support shrinking bottom lines and increased customer demand. She’s fueled by disrupting the classic procurement and network expansion models because they’re usually cost or delivery prohibitive, don’t benefit the carrier as much as the OEM, and handcuff engineers from being as creative and efficient as they could be.

At Rincon, Pedrazzini heads the business expansion into APAC, introducing companies to new and creative solutions to expanding networks and acquiring assets, while also recovering capital and operational expenses from gear that is no longer in service or over-procured.

How do you think telecommunication technologies can help humanity?

Telecom brings light into the darkest places. It brings an interconnection that allows data to flow into places that were unseen and untouched; where before change was slow and economically burdensome. It spotlights where we need to be more aware of political and cultural cruelty to bring about change. It brings health care and diagnosis to the cutting-edge of hope. Our more connected lives create bridges to enable us to identify needs, gaps, and issues, where before we were unaware it existed. This allows us to affect positive growth and change within our world at a more rapid and cost-efficient pace.

What technology breakthrough do you most want to see?

I think it would be incredible to develop technology that could transmit other sensory information like smell, taste, and touch. It would create a connected experience that reaches far beyond the auditory and visual information data points we experience now.

What new apps are you hoping will be developed soon?

I’d like an app that delivers an electric shock every time one of my kids picks up a device/screen instead of a good book (only partially joking here).

About Rincon Technology:

Rincon offers products across your entire network from storage, data, transport, and everything in between. Our hardware offerings include new equipment from our channel partners, surplus new equipment from Tier 1 carriers who utilize our equipment, remarketing services, and even our own private label optics. This unique combination means we have a large inventory of high-quality, leading-edge products that are not available anywhere else.

Rincon provides a full range of services including on-site inventory counts, reverse logistics, and spares management. In addition to providing these services, we develop and execute creative strategies that fund the payment of these services through our investment recovery services. When employing this approach, we utilize the proceeds from the marketing of surplus equipment to fund the cost of other services or hardware provided. Choose Rincon’s private label optics and significantly reduce spending on transceivers and accelerate your network builds by reducing lead times.

The combination of leading-edge hardware from our channel partners, private label optics, and high-quality equipment available via our investment recovery programs means Rincon can help you build, maintain, or spare your network across the entire spectrum from transport to storage and everything in between.

We sell new equipment from our channel partners, often purchased with the cash generated from selling surplus network assets via our investment recovery service offering. This approach of creating your own cap-ex helps close the gap in funding shortfalls.

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