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Michael Sauer
VP Americas Partner & Federal, Aqua Comms

Michael Sauer is Vice President, Americas Partner and Federal at Aqua Comms, having initially joined as a Senior Advisor. Based in the U.S., he has more than 35 years of international telecommunications experience and is one of the industry’s leading experts in international product and service contract negotiations. Before joining Aqua Comms, Michael was employed by Reliance Globalcom where he served as President Americas and was responsible for all Reliance business in North and South America. Prior to Reliance, he was Senior Vice President of International Relations and Carrier Services at MCI. During his time at MCI, Michael was responsible for directing the company’s global activities, worldwide correspondent services, and business development, including MCI’s relationship with over 225 international telecommunication companies. He began his telecommunications career at ITT in 1981. Michael graduated from Rutgers University in 1978 with a B.A. in Economics.

How do you think telecommunication technologies can help humanity?

Telecommunications continues to make the world a smaller, more informed, and knowledgeable place. Communication and knowledge along with the human spirit can hopefully, someday, enable the world to be a safer, cleaner, and better place for everyone.

What value does PTC hold for you?

The relationships I’ve built through PTC over the years have not only enhanced my business career, but have also exposed me to some amazing people and friendships that will last a lifetime.

What would you most like to see PTC do next?

I’d like to see PTC be recognized for more than the Annual Conference in January. There are a lot of good work and initiatives happening that the industry as a whole is unaware of. These important initiatives need to be highlighted and globalized to all attendees of the Annual Conference and the communications industry as a whole.

How can our corporations and researchers best serve the next generation?

By providing a path to meaningful employment. We need to expose the younger generations to our industry, and not just from a sales perspective. We need to incentivize the next generation of engineers, developers, and thought leaders through programs, scholarships, and internships.

If there is one thing you would change about the telecom and related industries, what would it be?

I would like to see Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Z, both female and male become part of the equation. Our industry is dominated by the older, and predominantly male gender. There is a small groundswell of women in the industry that are attempting to have their voices heard, led by Amy Kulka-Marks, CEO of XSite Modular. Initiatives such as these promote inclusion and diversity which is desperately needed for the future of the industry as a whole.

How does PTC fit with your larger career purpose?

Over the years, PTC has enabled me to meet many industry leaders that have provided immeasurable guidance that have helped me both professionally and personally.

What’s one thing that not that many people know about you?

I am a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast. I ride whenever and wherever the weather permits.

About Aqua Comms:

Aqua Comms DAC (“Aqua Comms”) is the owner and operator of America Europe Connect-1 (AEC-1) and CeltixConnect-1 (CC-1), interconnecting New York, Dublin and London. Building on its vision of efficient submarine infrastructure ownership, Aqua Comms is currently building America Europe Connect-2, (AEC-2) , its share of the Havfrue cable, CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC), to develop a resilient dual-path network across the Atlantic between North America and Europe, creating the North Atlantic Loop. Aqua Comms operates as a carriers’ carrier and only that, and its FOCUS therefore is on providing high-bandwidth, transport-layer subsea services, and only in the Wholesale market. This FOCUS makes it unique in the market, and your ultimate partner for your Atlantic network needs.

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