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Mike JonasMike Jonas
President Global Customer Operations, LightRiver


With LightRiver since 2003, Mike Jonas is responsible for all customer-facing corporate business and technology development, including strategic marketing and sales in all areas, systems and sales engineering, and the network factory and field operations teams for network delivery via LightRiver’s Factory Built Network® process.

Mike has founded, built, and managed several companies during his career, both public and private, and has been successful in applying new software, hardware, communications and manufacturing technologies, methods, and services to the needs of his clients. This background provides a deep understanding of the challenges faced by independent network operators and service providers and the value in identifying unique solutions to aid in their growth.

What technology breakthrough would pave the way for the ICT industry?

With pluggable networking and functional disaggregation upon us, true freedom from vendor lock-in via multi-vendor, multi-technology software control of the network ecosystem will dramatically speed the innovation of high-capacity applications. By making every network layer and device look the same on a common console for discovery, inventory, analysis, assurance, and control, all ICT participants can be more relevant, efficient, and impactful, while always building on best-in-class solutions.

How can telecommunication technologies help humanity?

Telecommunication technologies provide the base to which society operates on a day-to-day basis. Without it, humanity would lack in its societal functions, including how communications are delivered and received, national security, and the ability to connect specific geographical areas.

Is it important for companies to continue to innovate their organization or offerings, and why?

Absolutely. If companies never innovated their organization and offerings, where would the industry be? In today’s world, you have to consistently be progressing in a way that supports not only past technologies and innovations but future assets as well. If not, there would be no LTE, 5G, etc.

What would you share with those interested in becoming a PTC Member?

The world is geographically large and diverse, but with the convergence of smarter, more flexible, packet-optical technologies and artificially more intelligent software control, everyone should be interested in the global use cases that are solving real problems for providers and consumers of network solutions. There is much to learn, and much that is applicable to the challenges everyone faces today in quickly, safely, and efficiently enabling higher capacity, lower latency, and wired and wireless connectivity everywhere. Don’t reinvent the wheel, put knowledge to work more quickly, and PTC is an excellent vehicle to make that happen!

What advice would you share with current and future graduates interested in this field?

LightRiver has been committed to recruiting college graduates to its ranks for more than 10 years, bringing those with genuine curiosity and passion quickly through the hierarchy to positions of responsibility, respect, and consequence. They have learned from us, as we are eager to learn from them. Twenty-first century network solutions are dynamic, interesting, and meaningful, with the real opportunity to transform the experience of the consumer of that data, including the performance of both large and small corporations, but also the lives of people emerging from the twentieth century across the globe. If one is inclined to always be learning and using communications technology to dynamically solve real-world problems, take a look at ICT and learn more about how PTC bridges oceans.

About LightRiver:
LightRiver is the premier provider of next generation, multi-vendor, Factory Built Networks® and netFLEX® vendor neutral optical domain control software solutions. LightRiver is an expert in packet optical, DWDM/ROADM, MPLS and carrier ethernet systems and designs, engineers, commissions, automates and supports next generation, software controlled, transport networks for mission-critical clients that require the highest capacity, reliability, resiliency, and manageability that today’s optical communications technology can deliver. LightRiver delivers unique value with turnkey hardware and software solutions, carrier-grade quality, and unparalleled customer care in multi-technology networking.

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