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At Verizon Partner Solutions, we think about how we can work smarter, and our mission is always to help our customers move their business forward.

Each year, Verizon Partner Solutions thinks about how we can work smarter. Our mission is always to help our customers move their business forward, partnering for success to build tomorrow with the best of today in the technology space. With that in mind, our company has looked at some technology trends of 2020 to help determine which will most likely impact our wholesale customers. In 2019, the five key areas we considered were:

  • Network flexibility and the transaction guarantee;
  • Security effectiveness and particularly network-level security hygiene;
  • Scalable, global solutions, and how organizations can use foundational technologies to reinvent their operations and then leverage disruptive technologies – AI, ML, automation, robotics, AR, VR, edge computing, and more to transform their future potential;
  • Putting the customer in the center of the business opportunity and using data to inform human engagement to create relationships;
  • The importance of a strong network foundation to deliver innovation.

In 2020, our focus turned toward digital transformation, which was timely considering the unprecedented challenges the world has faced over the last few months, which in turn drove a surge in the security and work from home needs of many businesses. Technology has the ability to help organizations deliver on their customers’ business objectives even during these uncertain times. So, as we continue to move through 2020, Verizon Partner Solutions and our wholesale customers will need to continuously improve agility, security, and performance; and focus on the customer experience.

One of the ways we stayed connected with our customers around the world was through our first virtual Verizon Partner Summit. Traditionally, this event is held in person to discuss the latest telecom industry trends and present our newest marketplace offerings and innovations. This year, our summit was aptly themed “Partnering for Success – Enabling the Digital Future,” and to embrace the aforementioned agility, the summit was shifted to an entirely remote conference.

Our team developed a robust infrastructure using Verizon’s own web conferencing service  to present a variety of live presentations and pre-recorded workshops for more than 300 partners. Verizon Partner Solutions President Eric Cevis, along with other company leaders, launched the summit with a business update followed by a series of virtual workshops for customers to attend. Workshop topics included updates on products, programs, processes, portals, and more.

It is moments like these that remind businesses around the world how important it is that they press on with thoughtful planning so they can continue to serve as the foundational support their customers rely on. At Verizon Partner Solutions, we’re here, and we’re ready to support the business needs of our customers around the globe even during uncertain times.

As innovation continues to accelerate in 2020 and onward, companies also need to remember that it does not stop with innovation. Organizations should also think about the digital economy and workforce diversity. Today, the digital economy enables new ecosystems, makes new business models possible, and opens up new ways to interact and engage with customers. However, the digital economy is inherently different from the “established” economy and bridging the gap between them will help businesses become even more innovative and prepared to take on the challenges of our future digital world.

As for improving workforce diversity, digital technologies are dramatically changing how, where, and with whom business is conducted. A diverse workforce helps businesses to better understand their customers and the ever-evolving global marketplace. A diverse workforce can be invaluable, helping organizations to have better insight and cultural sensitivity in doing business with the world around them. It also enables companies to benefit from a wide range of thoughts and ideas that can fuel innovation, which is at the core of the digital economy.

Verizon Partner Solutions is composed of a very diverse team of experts, and as the global wholesale partner of choice, we are laser-focused on delivering a better network and partnering for success, enabling our customers with the latest in technologies to support their business needs. We’re looking forward to working with our customers in 2020 and beyond.

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