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November 2020 Month in ReviewNovember brought another month of 2020’s continued accelerated digital transformation, leveraging 5G and technology across a wide variety of industries. Could 5G be a game-changing new platform that will enable an entirely new economy, perhaps generating USD 31 trillion in revenue by 2030? Could Microsoft’s new partnership provide telcos with a USD 150 billion incremental opportunity in cloud gaming? NTT believes the widespread impact of the pandemic will spawn a transformation of society.

5G, AI, and the Edge
Healthcare remains a significant opportunity, with AI being used to assist in contact tracing and social distancing efforts, as well as the potential for 5G to improve the quality of life in remote parts of the world through telehealth robotics. One of the greatest innovations in training doctors might be using virtual reality technology to simulate procedures.

AI technologies can combine information and speed at the edge to allow better decision-making by processing data closer to its source, radically improving response times, reducing latency, and saving bandwidth. Remote work has also driven network providers and those responsible for keeping employees connected to the edge. Nokia’s new product hopes to use AI at the edge to reduce buffering, jitter, and other annoying latency-related issues. What impact will 5G have on the future of transportation? Heavy Reading asked 90 global telco service providers about their plans for edge computing in the recently published report.

Opportunities for Subsea Networks
Infinera’s Robert Shore, SVP global marketing, shared how the inception of coherent-based transmission was a watershed moment in optical networking, dramatically increasing the amount of capacity that could be transmitted, and what the fifth generation of the technology brings to subsea cables. Aqua Comms’ CEO Nigel Bayliff discussed the reliability of subsea networks compared to other forms of communications.

Globally, Facebook examined the economic impact of subsea cables in Africa, while the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) signed by Australia and 14 Indo-Pacific countries – including China, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea – will impact telecommunications, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and the flow of data across borders.

Sustainability and Data Centers
In the quest for sustainability and zero-emissions, data centers in Japan are turning to a natural resource – snow – for cooling. Facebook’s deal with Sunseap will move its operations in the region toward 100 percent renewable energy through solar capacity. Chayora also announced the commencement of operations at its first hyperscale data center in China, and DRFortress introduced the newest frontier edge here in Hawaii.

Satellite Growth
NSR analysis sees 5G touching every corner of satellite communications. Via Satellite examined the growing space startup industry in Japan with more than 40 ventures, and recapped the discussion of the different approaches to LEO constellations. Kacific announced plans for their next satellite.

Across the Industry
The industry continues to work together to meet the needs of a society in a pandemic. Tata Communications’ Vaneet Mehta shared how they have been helping their customers in this difficult period and GCX published a Survivor’s Guide to Network Management.

Ciena looked at three wireline network improvements needed in India for its 5G journey, Colt reviewed how machine connections can shape the customer experience, and the Equinix Global Interconnection Index (GXI) suggested three digital deployment initiatives to gain strategic advantage. The PTC Webinar Series: Frictionless Business™ held Session 3 this month: Global Finance and Investment Perspectives.

NTT’s Ruth Rowan, CMO, talked with LightReading about why rebranding a telco requires cultural sensitivity. DE-CIX considered the opportunity for APAC’s adoption of a distributed mesh interconnection ecosystem. And we wrapped up the month with Gil Santaliz of NJFX sharing Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a CEO.

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