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2021 PTC Board of Governors
The 2021 Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) Advisory Council selected its officers for the 2021 calendar year.

2021 Advisory Council Officers

Chair: Gary Kim, Consultant, IP Carrier, USA
Vice Chairs: Thomas Cooper, Professor, Visual & Media Arts, Emerson College, USA; Mohamed Elagazy, President & CEO, CPS Services, Inc., USA; Nakul Rege, Chief Growth Officer, Bankai Group, USA

Additionally, PTC announces the following Board of Governors and Advisory Council committees. Along with serving on the BG and AC, members will contribute their time and expertise on these PTC committees, contributing to the overall success of the organization. Some of these committees are also open to participation from PTC Members. If you are interested in becoming involved with a committee, please contact to be connected with the committee chair.

Board of Governors Committees
Academy Committee: Sean Bergin (Chair), Timothy Hewitt, Nakul Rege, Keith Shaw

Awards Committee: Bruce Drake (Chair), Heather Hudson, Timothy Logue, Francis Pereira, Steven Xu Tan (Vice Chair)

Finance & Audit Committee: Bruce Drake, Stephen Ho, Brian Tellam (Chair)

Marketing & Communications Committee: Ahmed El Beheiry (Co-Chair), Yali Liu, Isabelle Paradis, Mike Sauer, Lynn Smullen (Co-Chair), Steven Xu Tan, Alex Vaxmonsky

Membership Committee: Hiroshi Asemi, Sean Bergin, Robert Crinks, Mark Dando, Bruce Drake (Co-Chair), Stephen Ho, Timothy Logue, Paul McCann (Vice Chair), Patricia Paoletta, Isabelle Paradis, Nakul Rege, Gil Santaliz, Mike Sauer (Co-Chair), Una Zheng, Joe Zhu

Program Committee: Stephan Beckert, Ahmed El Beheiry, Robert Crinks, Mark Dando, Nico Grove, Stephen Ho, Heather Hudson, Timothy Logue, Secretariat (Chair), Lynn Smullen, Steven Xu Tan

Strategic Planning Committee: Stephan Beckert, Sean Bergin (Co-Chair), Bruce Drake (Vice Chair), Nico Grove, Timothy Hewitt, Yali Liu, Timothy Logue (Co-Chair), Paul McCann (Vice Chair), Brian Tellam (Vice Chair), Entire BG

Advisory Council Committees
Appeals Committee: Thomas Cooper (Chair), Heng Lu, Patricia Paoletta

Succession Planning Committee: Robert Crinks (Chair), Mohamed Elagazy, Heng Lu

Member Committees
ICT Development Special Interest Group: Shishir Belbase (Co-Chair), Elizabeth Fife (Co-Chair), Muhammad Rashid Shafi

PTC Awards Committee: Joe Weinman (Chair)

Research Committee: Elizabeth Fife (Co-Chair), Francis Pereira, Muhammad Rashid Shafi, Jenifer Winter (Co-Chair)

The Board of Governors Executive Officers were announced last month.

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