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Percepture Senior Vice President Bob Generale

Bob Generale
Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing & Global Operations, Percepture

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Bob Generale is the guy you want on your side and there’s no place else he’d rather be. Thoughtful, engaging, upbeat, and best of all, results obsessed. As senior vice president, digital marketing and global operations, of Percepture, he is passionate about your business and helping to deliver only highly qualified leads to your sales team. Bob’s unique blend of award-winning technology expertise coupled with his ability to translate that expertise into action and understanding makes him a tremendous asset to all of Percepture’s clients.

How can telecommunications technologies help humanity?

You need to look no further than the pandemic to see how critical telecommunications are to humanity. Without the ability to work from home on a reliable, trusted, and safe network, our economy would be in far more dire straits. Much of the country has been able to be “business as usual” thanks to the ability to log on with your team remotely.

How can corporations and researchers best serve the next generation?

Patience, kindness, and empowerment! Helping people understand and adopt new (and old) processes and products is part of the game. While I believe we have much to teach our younger folks, I also believe they have just as much to teach us. Listening is key and adapting to new behaviors and attitudes is crucial. We need to hear what the next generation has to say.

What network-related development will have the greatest impact in our industry?

From our perspective, we’re pretty excited about the rollout of 5G technology and how deeply it will impact everything from emergency responders to the Internet of Things (IoT) and, of course, business. Because connectivity is key across the board, we know just how valuable the speed and ease of 5G will be for everyone.

What value does PTC hold for you/your company?

The PTC organization fosters a sense of community and purpose for the telecommunications industry, and we are grateful to the organization for offering a space for education, networking, and connection. Always a pioneer and visionary, PTC continues to look around corners for what’s next and help all of its members succeed in an ever-changing environment.

How does PTC fit with your company’s goals or your overall career purpose?

Like PTC, we’re committed to helping B2B telecom companies deliver the right message to the right person at the right point in the buying cycle to help make an informed decision. Being members of PTC demonstrates our commitment to the telecommunications industry as well as providing us the opportunities to network and connect with others.

What advice would you share with current and future graduates interested in this field?

If you’re seeking to work in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving with the advent of new technologies, smart people, and limitless growth, telecom is the place to be. There are also areas of significant opportunity unique to the space, most notably diversity and inclusion. A young professional’s commitment to this crucial area could prove both valuable and fulfilling.

What industry mogul or up-and-coming leader have you followed or are currently following, and why?

The telecom industry has so many great leaders, I couldn’t choose. Standouts, though, include Hunter Newby of Newby Ventures, Ray LaChance of ZenFi Networks, Andy Bax and Naaz Bax of Seaborn Networks, Lynn Smullen of Verizon, Andy Penn of Telstra, and Oliver Jones of Chayora. These people, to me, have essential leadership qualities that I admire, are forward-thinking, and have taken the time to prepare the next generation in telecom.

What has been a positive outcome organizationally or individually given the current state of the world?

2020 was a year of great growth for Percepture, presenting the firm with the need and opportunity to identify and recruit the best people from around the world to serve our clients. We’ve been able to foster and grow a strong team that feels more like family. We couldn’t be more grateful.

About Percepture
Whether your company’s approach is digital-first or digital-only, your sales pipeline needs prospect interactions that deliver highly qualified sales leads, thought leadership, and brand recognition. This ensures that your company is top-of-mind for inclusion in private RFPs and public bids. Percepture’s experts-only team delivers creative and content that is intentional, targeted, and outcome-centric. These powerful human interactions authentically engage with decision-makers and position your company to win. Clients also appreciate and fully leverage Percepture’s unique ability to create segmented target audience personas using a combination of old-fashioned, hard-won wisdom, and cutting-edge software development and AI.

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