In Announcements

We are well underway with preparations for the upcoming accredited PTC Academy: Executive Insight for Exceptional Leaders courses due to be delivered this year in September and October.

It has been encouraging to see the desire of the PTC Member community get involved in this great initiative. The inclusion of additional facilitators from Equinix, Zenlayer, and KPMG Asia Pacific adds an enriched dimension to the curriculum and also serves to validate the interest of our PTC Members to foster the next-generation of leaders in the telecommunications and ICT space. It is worth noting that the PTC Community now goes well beyond simple connectivity, and the aim is to deliver well-balanced coursework with a number of elements aligned to the “convergence” world that we all now live and work in.

Space in the 2021 PTC Academy Live Online Training Courses is going fast! I urge all of you to look within your own organizations and think about who would benefit from attending and encourage enrollment. The first course is only a month away, 7-29 September 2021 and the second and final opportunity to attend in this calendar year is 4-27 October 2021. In this time of lockdowns and travel restrictions, the PTC Academy is most definitely a resource that is at your disposal to help achieve your company’s training objectives. Don’t forget, this training is formally accredited and as such, should be a breeze to get approval for in both large and small organizations.

None of us know it all. Lifelong learning is something that should be encouraged. It enhances our understanding of the world around us, provides us with greater opportunities, and in general, improves our quality of life. In the time of COVID-19, it also helps us to stay connected to a community and broaden our networks.

The final point I would like to mention in regard to the PTC Academy, is the camaraderie that develops among the cohort of each course. It is really rewarding to know that although from various companies and diverse countries, the PTC Academy past students do stay in touch with each other, bouncing challenges, ideas, and thoughts off of one another, and also reach out to the facilitators from time to time. What a fantastic platform the PTC Academy has become to support the development of our future industry leaders!

As part of the PTC Community, I ask that you each try to find a way to support this great outreach program.

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