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PTC'24 Tapa Bar - Make Your Reservation Today!

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting change regarding the Tapa Bar at PTC’24! To create a more vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere, the Tapa Bar will now be exclusively accessible to registered attendees. Additionally in this new setup, the bar stools will be reserved for our PTC Members, ensuring a cozier and more personalized experience. 

Another new development is that the Tapa Bar is now a sponsored area, creating more opportunities for you to engage with PTC’24, including our new Big Kahunas event on the Tapa Bar stage. This means you can look forward to even more memorable moments in this lively space. 

To enjoy all that PTC’24 has to offer, please remember to wear your official PTC badge at all times. This will grant you admittance to all conference sessions, PTC HUB, social events, and of course, the fantastic Tapa Bar. 

Lastly, adjacent to the Tapa Bar, you’ll find our PTC Membership Lounge in its newly designated location. The PTC Membership Lounge is an excellent space for members to connect, strategize, and strengthen their relationships. Plus, don’t forget to check out the nearby PTC Beyond Lounge! 

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