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The PTC Academy, a training program for mid-career telecom professionals, was held in conjunction with the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association’s (PITA) conference in Guam, on 27 April, at the Docomo Pacific office in Tamuning.

“Navigating Change” focused on business challenges faced by telecom service providers in a number of roles, including retail fixed network, mobile, data center, and undersea communications providers. The session also examined strategies for revenue growth in the 5G era.

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Below please find detailed information about the program and featured speakers for the PTC Academy Guam: Navigating Change.


09.00–10.00Session 1: What next generation networks will look like, where they are going, and what makes them different.
Presenter: Gary Kim, Founder, Spectrum Futures, USA
10.00–10.30Tea/Coffee Break
10.30–12.00Session 2: Moving up the OSI stack. Why carriers are offering much more than transport.
Presenter: Gary Kim, Founder, Spectrum Futures, USA
13.00–14.00Session 3: Evolution of OTTs and their impact on traditional revenue streams. Opportunity or threat?
Presenter: Tony Mosley, Director, Business Operations, Ocean Specialists, Inc., Guam
14.00–14.30Tea/Coffee Break
14.30–15.30Session 4: Group workshop/roundtable – “What unique challenges will PITA telcos face in moving towards a nextgen future?”
Presenter: Sean Bergin, Co-Founder & President, APTelecom, Cambodia
15.30–16.00Session 5: Wrap up and conclusions



Co-Founder & President


Sean Bergin is based in APTelecom’s Asian headquarters in Cambodia. Bergin has been instrumental in building APTelecom into a globally recognized leader in telecom and fiber consulting, elevating from a start-up business to an award-winning global organization which has generated over US $195 million in sales for clients.

Bergin has significant management experience at both national and international levels. Along with APTelecom Co-Founder and CEO Eric Handa, Bergin has generated over half a billion dollars in sales for clients throughout his career.

Bergin is an Advisory Board Member for Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), and is a frequent speaker and panelist within the ICT sector.


Spectrum Futures


Gary Kim is a communications industry analyst of 30 years, and currently works as a telecom/Internet conference content developer, authoring white papers, articles and marketing collateral for firms in the communications industry.

He recently founded the Spectrum Futures conference for the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and acts as a conference advisor for PTC.

He was cited as a global “Power Mobile Influencer” by Forbes; ranked second in the world for strategic coverage of the mobile business.

He is a member of Mensa, the international organization for people with IQs in the top 2 percent.


Director, Business Operations
Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI)


Tony specializes in telecommunications operations specifically in wireless, wireline, broadband and wholesale markets.

Tony has been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years having worked for MCI International, GTE International and Verizon Business as a general manager of a full-service telecommunications company. Tony is currently operating as Director of Business Development and project manager for OSI building a submarine cable system between Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands for Docomo Pacific.

He has developed insightful skills from managing numerous products and services to include wireless, wireline, IPTV, wholesale, voice, data, managed services colocation and submarine cables.

Tony led the sale of a Verizon Business telecommunications property overseas from the initial business case through the regulatory FCC and DHS Team telecommunications approval process. Following the sale of the business unit, he became the Chief Operating Officer of the company and a member of the Pacific Telecom Inc. Board of Directors; he provided corporate direction and oversight to a full-service operating telecommunications company.

Has been a member of PTC and PITA since 1998 and 2001 respectively.

Tony was in the US Navy and was the Officer in Charge of the US Navy Office in Singapore as a Lieutenant Commander in the Supply Corps.

About the PTC Academy

The PTC Academy provides exceptional management training to rising industry leaders. Course topics examine the global telecom industry, strategies to identify and solve issues in your business, and more. Expert instructors with senior executive experience lead each course, which includes a mix of presentations, in-depth case studies, and interactive exercises.

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