Exhibit at PTC’17 and showcase your latest technologies and services to an international audience of senior leaders and executives.

Why exhibit at PTC’17?

  • To build strategic partnerships with conference attendees, networkers, and other exhibitors
  • To create new business opportunities and reach qualified leads
  • To save 10% on full conference registration rates
  • To attend select PTC receptions and program sessions
  • To receive discounts of up to 20% on advertising rates

Where are the exhibits located?

The exhibits are located in the PTC Pavilion, which is in the Mid-Pacific Conference Center, Coral Ballrooms IV–V. In addition to the exhibits, the PTC Pavilion will also feature:

  • Meeting cubicles
  • Meeting tables
  • PTC Cyber Kiosks with access to the Internet and the Meeting Manager system
  • Session coffee breaks
  • Conference luncheons
  • Coffee cart (if sponsored)
  • Smoothie and juice cart (if sponsored)

The PTC Pavilion promises to be a hub of activity as exhibitors, conference attendees, and networkers all interact over two days of intense deal-making.

What are the PTC’17 exhibit rates?

  • PTC Member Rate: US$2,450 per 10′×10′ cubicle
  • PTC Non-member Rate: US$3,500 per 10′×10′ cubicle

Download the PTC’17 Pavilion Form for more information.

If you are interested in exhibiting, please email pavilion@ptc.org.

PTC Pavilion

Visit the PTC Pavilion to see the latest from our PTC’17 Exhibitors!

The PTC Pavilion is open Monday and Tuesday to the public, and can be accessed with your PTC’17 badge or by providing a business card at the Pavilion booth.

Exhibitors are featured in the PTC Pavilion, located in Coral Ballrooms 4 & 5 in the Mid-Pacific Conference Center. The Pavilion also hosts meeting cubicles and tables, the Coffee and Smoothie Carts, as well as session coffee breaks and conference luncheons.

When is the PTC Pavilion open?

  • Monday, 16 January 2017: 0800-1700
  • Tuesday, 17 January 2017: 0800-1600

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