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Managing Director & Head, Asia ex Japan Research
J.P. Morgan Securities Singapore Pte Ltd

One fundamental rule for understanding and predicting the key telecom or mobile industry issues and opportunities to quantify performance (revenue, profit, operating costs and capital investment), addressable markets and new business opportunities, and not simply rely on platitudes.

One such platitude is that telcos are big, powerful, profitable competitors willing and able to crush their potential competition. The reality is that the telecom business model is bad, getting worse, and might even become untenable, for most providers.

James Sullivan is managing director and head of telecom research for Asia with
J.P. Morgan Securities in Singapore. At Spectrum Futures, he will speak about the future of telcos in Southeast Asia, among his conclusions the likelihood that eventually most markets will have but one service provider.

He has gotten top rankings for fundamental research from Asia Money, while his stock picking is recognized by the Asian Wall Street Journal.

He has been covering emerging markets since 1996. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, he managed investment portfolios for eight years at Citadel Investment Group, Oaktree Capital, and Millennium Partners.

He also covered regional Telecom and Media names for Credit Suisse First Boston, based in Bangkok.

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