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Manav Khera
Director, Chief Commercial and Operations Officer

With over 40 years of connecting organizations, PTC has built a reputable ecosystem that has led its annual conference to be a highly-regarded industry meeting place. Virtutel joined PTC to allow us to engage and grow our business networks beyond the shores of Australia and New Zealand. We are an innovative growing organization and what better place to expand our business, where all the leading business leaders will be in one room together at PTC.

About Virtutel

Virtutel is a full service domestic and international telecommunications and internet service provider, providing private networks, internet, co-location and voice services distributed through our wholesale and partner channels. The Virtutel global network (AS24516) consists of Point of Presences (PoPs) in all major capital cities in Australia, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and USA. AS24516 is a cross tier network that interconnects with major carriers at each one of our PoPs. Our network is completely managed in house to ensure the highest performance and availability targets in order to meet the critical needs of our customers.

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