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Bell Labs Consulting

Bell Labs has been for a hundred years, and remains, one of the foremost research and development entities in the global telecom industry. Its consulting arm is a major supplier of strategic advice to the largest telecom service providers globally.

More importantly, its latest thinking on the future of global networks has huge implications for regulatory policy, competition dynamics, capital investment and profits for service providers globally.

Among the most-startling conclusions Bell Labs now has reached is that, by 2025, the global telecom industry will have shrunk from 800 providers to about 105.

Sanjay Kamat is a Bell Labs managing partner, and will speak at Spectrum Futures about the future of networks, including that major consolidation.

Kamat leads Bell Labs Consulting, which advises clients on how to address their current and future challenges.

Earlier, as part of Alcatel-Lucent Ventures, he was the general manager of an internal wireless security venture. He previously was a research scientist at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, where he did research on QoS routing and built one of the industry’s first IP/MPLS switch routers.

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