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Stephan Beckert
VP of Strategy

I first attended PTC in 2004, to see if it was worth our time and travel. I returned to Washington after PTC’04 and told my colleagues, “we need to send more people.” TeleGeography has sent a team to PTC every year, since.

Unlike other conferences, PTC is managed by a non-profit, governed by its members, and profits from the event are used to fund scholarships, educational programs, and telecom development projects. PTC members have the opportunity to not just help shape the agenda of the conference, but to set the directions for PTC as an organization. I’ve served on the Board of Governors and helped to develop the PTC program for four years, and am consistently surprised by how many senior executives are willing to devote their time and energy to support PTC’s mission.

This may be why PTC is different from any other conference that we attend—there’s a unique sense of community among PTC attendees. Despite its relaxed atmosphere, we probably have more high value meetings at PTC than at any other event of the year.

About Telegeography

TeleGeography is a telecommunications market research and consulting firm that provides in-depth data and analysis on the international telecommunications market, with a particular focus on network services. Since 1989, TeleGeography’s data have guided the decisions of thousands of clients, including both telecommunications service providers and buyers, equipment makers, content providers, investors, and governments.

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