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According to Bell Labs, the global telecom industry will shrink from 800 to about 110 service providers by 2025. The 87 percent reduction of today’s competitive landscape will be led by five global giants, and is fast approaching.

What will happen? Why? How and what does it mean for all players?

Meet Sanjay Kamat, Bell Labs managing partner, to understand the data, the landscape and vision of our industry.

Kamat will be joined by peers and specialists, including James Sullivan, J.P. Morgan Securities managing director, and Sachin Gupta, founder, New Street Capital Asia.

SANJAY KAMAT Managing Partner, Bell Labs Consulting

Managing Director & Head, Asia ex Japan Research, J.P. Morgan Securities Singapore Pte Ltd

SACHIN GUPTA Founder, New Street Capital Asia

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Of all the crucial issues faced by service providers and those who sell products to them, nothing is more important than that consolidation, at the strategy level.

But that is only part of PTC’s “Industry Transformation Boot Camp” training program, which continues with the PTC Academy, a three-day program that will continue the instruction with discussions of how C-level executives will approach the coming cataclysmic changes.

To be held in Bangkok beginning 18 September and concluding on 22 September, PTC’s “Industry Transformation Boot Camp” – a bundled experience of Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy – is an unparalleled opportunity to quickly train telecom and technology professionals on the profound changes coming in mobile and fixed telecommunications, with two full days looking at mobile and 5G, and three days looking at the broader strategic context of the telecom industry.

By the end of the week, attendees will have learned what 5G means, where the industry is headed and how they need to think about a vastly-different industry, and new roles within their companies.

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