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PTC Submarine Cable Sessions, like the world’s vast, global undersea network, just keep getting bigger and better – and PTC’18 is set to be bigger than ever!

For PTC’18, we open our submarine program on Sunday by focusing on the criticality of submarine cables to providing secure communications throughout the globe. You might think everyone knows this already – but we need to help spread the word!  Submarine cables carry 95% of international communications (and the Internet) and USD one trillion worth of transactions is done each day over international submarine cables.

At PTC’18 we will share how our industry fulfils this fundamental communication need while at the same time, assuring that another critical element to our future is secure – the environment. Cable planners, installers, and environmental experts will share their thoughts on making sure the checks and balances are in place to achieve both goals – an expanding global network providing connectivity to all, without disruption to the ocean environment.

The development and operation of submarine cables have been essential to sustained growth of economies and business around the globe.  We live in a world of innovation and change – today, massive data centres house mega-computers and complex server farms. These facilities provide the crossroads for domestic and international connectivity, and power and accommodate the equipment and technology underpinning the global cloud.  What is next in our industry when it comes to ensuring there is always capacity to meet demand and connectivity providing security and confidence, while respecting our environment?

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