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PTC’s annual conference provides attendees an unparalleled opportunity to interact with industry leaders and keep their finger on the pulse of the industry in the most active way possible. At PTC’18, we aim to amplify that experience for attendees. One of the opportunities to do that is by attending this year’s Executive Insight Roundtables (EIRs).

EIRs are panel-based presentations that will be set up “in the round” so that attendees have a chance to be part of the conversation. Read on for a quick breakdown of this year’s EIRs.

Executive Insight Roundtable 1: A New Year and A New Satellite Market?
Monday, 22 January, 14.00-15.15, Coral 1
With unprecedented levels of capacity coming on, experts will have a lot to discuss on this panel. Namely, the nature of the changes, challenges, and opportunities facing the satellite industry and its customers in 2018.

Executive Insight Roundtable 2: Will the Edge Eat the Cloud?
Monday, 22 January, 14.00-15.15, Coral 2
Edge computing is booming in adoption and popularity. But is it really set to spell the end of cloud computing as we know it? In this panel, experts will discuss the present architectural shift and the future implications for network operators as well as cloud and colocation providers.

Executive Insight Roundtable 3: Why 5G Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Telecom
Monday, 22 January, 15.30–16.45, Coral 1
There are countless big questions surrounding the coming of 5G. Will it be like every prior mobile generation, or is it something else? How will the business model change? What are the key revenue sources? On Monday afternoon, experts will discuss these questions and a lot more.

Executive Insight Roundtable 4: AI Meets Telcos – Poachers & Gamekeepers

Monday, 22 January, 15.30–16.45, Coral 2
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will impact the telecoms industry in numerous and diverse ways in the coming years. This panel will discuss the potential applications and the associated risks and opportunities from a telco perspective.

Executive Insight Roundtable 5: Data Deluge: Meeting Data Center and Network Challenges
Tuesday, 23 January, 14.00–15.15, Coral 1
The amount of data being created and the number of potential applications is becoming truly staggering. How do businesses form the right global partnerships to handle the ever-increasing deluge of data? How do we guarantee its secure and efficient use? This panel will dig into these questions.

Executive Insight Roundtable 6: Strategies for the Next 40 Years
Tuesday, 23 January, 14.00-15.15, Coral 2
The final EIR of PTC’18 will ask a number of diverse questions about the next 40 years of evolution in the world of global carriers and content providers. What technologies will make the biggest impact? How will strategies change? Join us Tuesday afternoon to weigh in and find out what the experts think.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these Executive Insight Roundtables and view the complete conference program here. See you 20-24 January in Honolulu!

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