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Hyper Networks

As a up-and-coming Internet service provider based in Las Vegas (also known as “the ninth island”), Hyper Networks knows it’s important to make connections with our peers and the larger communications carriers in the Pacific territory. We made fast friends with our customers in the Hawaiian Islands and we are proud to have served them these past three years. Our goal is to be a good networking resource for members of PTC and to add value to this community with our knowledge and experience.

About Hyper Networks

Hyper Networks designs telecommunications solutions pared with professional services, managed services and network solutions to meet the unique needs of each company it serves. Our team of engineers and solutions architects take an agnostic and outside-the-box approach to finding the carriers and solutions that will bring the most success to our customers. Hyper Networks has grown quickly through word of mouth and long-term relationships, with a reputation that is unparalleled in the industry.

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