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With January now over, 2018 is well and truly underway. For those of you who were able to attend the 40th anniversary of our annual conference earlier this month, we hope you enjoyed your time here in Hawaii and were able to make valuable connections and put ideas in motion for the year to come! In this monthly feature, we’ll give a brief review of PTC’18 and look at some of the month’s other big stories.

PTC’18 was a Big Success.
Thanks again to everyone who attended PTC’18. It was an excellent week of presentations and conversations and we are already looking forward to next year’s conference! For a refresher on some of the big events and key themes from this year’s conference, read about the featured participantsor check out the complete program. PTC’18 also featured the inaugural Innovation Awards and Innovation Awards Gala. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who was in attendance! Click here to read a full review of the night’s proceedings, including the winners and runners-up.

Subsea Cables
January has seen a lot of activity in the submarine cable industry. Subcom announced that it will build a transatlantic cable system that will be called HAVFRUE. Contracted by a consortium that includes Aqua Comms, Bulk Infrastructure, and Facebook, it is expected to be online in just under two years. Between south Asia and east Africa, Huawei Marine Networks will initiate the PEACE submarine cable survey. Telegeography and Ciena also produced a joint webinar on the topic of submarine cable capacity. You can explore that here. For another interesting read on how submarine cables will cope with the world’s growing hunger for data, read this article on the Pacific Light Cable Network.

Ransomware and DDoS
Month after month, we have watched cyberattacks evolve and become more prominent in the media. One article in Capacity Magazine outlines the startling frequency and variety of DDoS attacks. For a list of the 17 worst data breaches of the 21st century, click here. Yet another article wonders if ransomware’s time in the spotlight is about up.

Data Centers in APAC
Data center growth is booming in APAC. With many of the world’s largest providers expanding their presence there and large groups of unconnected people gaining access to the Internet for the first time every day, it is predicted that APAC will be the biggest data center market in the world in 2020. This month, Colt announced that it would invest in data centers in Singapore and India.

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