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Kolora Qativi accepted the award on behalf of the Geospatial Science Programme.

The PTC Project: Tradition and Technology continues to provide additional ideas and benefits for the partnership between The University of the South Pacific (USP) Pacific Flying Labs and local communities in Fiji. Most recently, the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards recognized USP as the National Winner in April 2019.

Representatives from the USP team were presented the award at the Pacific GIS & RS User Group Conference on 27 November 2019. 

“The judges commended USP for its genuine endeavours in local capacity building, deployed directly in largely undeveloped villages and settlements. The university managed to establish strong relationships with the communities by optimising their student’s connections to their local villages.”

This follows USP’s recognition as the regional winner in the “People and Community” category. The project is also shortlisted for the PTC Awards 2020.

Project leader, Dr. Nick Rollings commented: “The PTC funding for the Tradition and Technology Project was the catalyst for the great things the team has been able to achieve to date. The initial PTC funding set us on a path of self-discovery and internal capacity building that has enabled us to take the technology where it can help the most, to the communities. So a big thanks to PTC, and congratulations to the USP geospatial student network for their contribution to this project, without whom this award would not have been possible.”

For more details on the PTC Tradition and Technology Project, please review the Final Report by Aleen Prasad and Dr. Nick Rollings. You can learn more about the phases of this project, as well as additional concepts developed from this initial PTC Project funding in the following articles:

Stay tuned for information about new and upcoming PTC Community Outreach Initiatives in 2020.

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