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Gary Kim

Gary Kim
PTC Advisory Council

“What is the Advisory Council and what does it do?” is a logical question that many PTC Members might have about this leadership component of the organization.

As with any organization, there are both formal and informal roles. The formal charge is to “advise the Board of Governors.” The informal role is to develop PTC’s leadership. That happens in several ways, including the task of identifying candidates to run for Board of Governors (BG) and Advisory Council (AC) elections.

As a practical matter, the Advisory Council also provides most of the members for PTC committees and working groups of various types. Those experiences provide exposure to the many operating objectives and functions of PTC.

As a non-profit organization, PTC relies on its members for a number of key roles, including subject matter expertise required to develop and conduct its programs, recruiting new members, developing resources, and evolving the mission.

The defined mission is to “advance the ethical development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT).” Since most of that job is conducted by private firms and industries globally, and since the PTC Secretariat staff is not expected to have such industry knowledge, PTC relies on its members for subject matter expertise.

That typically matters for development of PTC’s Annual Conference, webinars, and PTC Academy courses. But industry knowledge also helps PTC to sustain and develop its value as a membership organization.

How can one learn more? Ask Succession Planning Committee Chair Bert Crinks. His committee supervises the elections and candidate recruitment process.

Though authorized for 50 members, the typical AC membership is about half that number, made up of mostly elected members by the PTC Membership for four-year terms. The BG also has the authority per the PTC bylaws to nominate a defined number of appointed members as well.

The AC election is held every other year, with the next cycle taking place in the fall of 2022. It is not too early to consider submitting a nomination for the next AC election and lending your skills and expertise to PTC.

Joining the AC is among the best ways for members to add value for PTC, helping the organization create and sustain its programs. Moreover, joining the AC is a great way to learn more about the organization and how your specific skills and knowledge can advance the PTC mission.

Volunteering your time for the AC helps PTC. To the extent PTC helps in some small way to spread the use of information and communications across the Pacific, you help people across the Pacific. It is as simple as that.

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