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PTC'23 Call For ParticipationAloha PTC Members, Friends, and Newbies!
PTC invites you to participate in its Annual Conference in Honolulu, and encourages you to share your expertise, insights, and vision in thought-provoking presentations or discussions on key areas of digital infrastructure indicated below or on a topic of your choice. We have created and enhanced some interesting formats and gatherings for you!

For the first time in Annual Conference history, PTC is delighted to introduce Digital Infra Speed Dating. A chance for up-and-coming owners of fiber, data center, edge computing, or cell tower real estate assets (with USD 75 million or more in revenue) to introduce themselves to institutional investors and private equity firms.

Making a comeback are the ever-popular PTC HUB Lightning Talks. Quick 10-minute presentations, discussions, debates, etc. on industry hot topics, held in the PTC HUB, the gathering place at the PTC Annual Conference, also open to the public.

All stakeholders in digital infrastructure are invited to submit proposals for inclusion in the program, including industry executives, business strategists, innovators, policy makers, academics and other researchers, regulatory and legal experts, financial analysts, technologists, and consultants. PTC’23 offers a rare opportunity to meet with colleagues to network, share, collaborate, and brainstorm.

Researchers are also invited to submit abstracts and papers that may be considered for the Meheroo Jussawalla Research Award.

Thus, PTC welcomes submissions that help inform and ignite discussions in a variety of areas:

PTC’23 will cover topics in the area of digital transformation and related future trends. This includes new, convergent business models and related shifting customer needs. From a customer perspective, there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity, network reliability, and service affordability. But also, drivers like the capital market and related digital infra investment forms like PPPs are in scope of our community.

Network hardware and software innovations have always been a core interest of the PTC Community. Presentations and discussions regarding mobile 5G and 6G, fixed wireless networks, terrestrial and satellite communications, and subsea networks are welcome. Other topics include network-related and network-agnostic applications and services such as network slicing, hybrid and intelligent networks, or network performance optimization. A special focus is set on data centers and its future path, the development in between hyperscalers and edge.

With network technologies as enablers, innovative applications and services that can augment digital business models and the digital society are of interest. These target areas include e-business, e-commerce, e-health or e-government, online education, media and entertainment, collaboration software, and platforms. In addition, applications and services that support survival and well-being are more important than ever before, including first responder and emergency communications, disease control and monitoring, and humanitarian relief.

Besides network applications, complementary enabling technologies are driving digitalization. PTC is interested in presentations, discussions, and research on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, big data and analytics, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, cloud exchanges, software development methods, tools, and frameworks, and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Recent interest has increased especially in the area of blockchain, cryptocurrency, privacy, and the metaverse.

PTC has emphasized the Pacific and developing regions since its inception. PTC welcomes proposals regarding innovation and research on ICTs for developing economies and sustainable development in rural and Indigenous regions. Examples of topics include research on applications and technologies for development, project evaluation, policy and regulatory challenges, consumer issues, and network financing and sustainability.

PTC is interested in contributions examining the framework of the information society – analyses of policies such as spectrum allocation, platform regulation, changing consumer needs, universal service, privacy, and security. Other relevant topics include media and ICT ethics, public participation in regulation and policy proceedings, and the role of ICTs in environmental sustainability such as climate, energy consumption, and carbon reduction as well as outcomes from the ITU conference and resulting implications.

Sign up to participate in the Digital Infra Speed Dating, indicate your interest in a PTC HUB Lightning Talk, or panel presentation through the CFP online portal.

The deadline to submit a proposal, including research paper abstracts is 5 July 2022.

PTC looks forward to seeing you at PTC’23.

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