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David Liggitt, Founder & CEO, datacenterHawk

David Liggitt
Founder & CEO


David, founder and CEO of datacenterHawk, has immersed himself in the data center industry since 2007. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, David oversaw data center transactions for Fortune 500 companies at a prominent global commercial real estate firm. His fervor lies in assisting industry experts in making informed choices. 

David holds a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and currently resides in Dallas with his wife and two sons. 

What technology breakthrough would pave the way for the ICT industry? 

The primary bottleneck that the industry is running into is power. Data centers are power hungry, and their consumption has grown exponentially in recent years, resulting in a lack of power in most major markets around the world. While a breakthrough in power generation or transmission infrastructure development will ease some strain, the bottleneck will remain unless we improve the components within the data center. Instead of making components more efficient and using less physical space, we need components that will use less power for their workloads. Turning a 10 MW workload into a 5 MW workload through improved processing infrastructure will help flatten the curve of power consumption and limit the impact on our electrical grid. 

How can corporations and researchers best serve the next generation?

Education and awareness are critical. Data centers within telecom is a niche industry that many people don’t have an awareness of, despite the necessary role that it plays in the modern world. It’s also not monolithic, and is made up of myriad parts, making it an intriguing area of study and professional development for young students looking to figure out their careers. Many people in the industry either stumbled into it without intent or are long-time industry veterans that gained exposure during the early days of telecom growth. It’s important for corporations to not only show the next generation how critical data centers and telecom infrastructure are, but also how viable and appealing it is as a career path with ample opportunities for unique growth. 

Is it important for companies to continue to innovate their organization or offerings, and why?

The data center industry simultaneously moves slowly and rapidly. Permitting, power procurement, and development is a lengthy process, and current conditions are making it even longer. Data center user behavior also takes a long time to change. At the same time, demand for data center space has increased exponentially within recent years, ushering in changes faster than companies can accommodate. User needs are more diverse than ever, many in response to trends and technologies that emerged within the last few years. To stay competitive and meet the needs of their clients, it’s imperative for companies to continue to innovate their organization and offerings.

What value does PTC hold for you/your company?

For the past four years, we’ve been loyal attendees at PTC’s Annual Conference, and it’s been a continuously rewarding experience. The networking opportunities are fantastic, attracting key players in the telecommunications field. It’s become the ultimate gathering for industry connections and insights. PTC’s Annual Conference keeps evolving, offering more value each year. It’s not just an event; it’s a necessity for us and everyone in the industry.

How does PTC fit your company’s goals or career purpose? 

At the core of our company’s mission lies the commitment to empower individuals and organizations in making informed decisions related to data center real estate. The PTC Annual Conference, as a prominent industry event, serves as a pivotal avenue for us to achieve this objective. It grants us the invaluable opportunity to engage with major players within the data center space, offering them our tailored solutions and expertise. This interaction not only strengthens our presence but also enables us to contribute significantly to the industry’s progress by assisting those in need of our specialized services. 

What advice would you share with current and future graduates interested in this field? 

The industry is full of opportunity. As technologies change and evolve at a rapid pace, so too does the telecom industry. As a result, there is always a new area of exploration and research. The industry is highly diverse, requiring technical expertise, mechanical expertise, operational expertise, and relational expertise, meaning people from a variety of strengths and backgrounds can find a place they fit. It’s also an essential industry, providing stability and a sense of purpose. 

About datacenterHawk
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