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Lina Zaboras, CEO, DIDWW

Lina Zaboras

Lina Zaboras, the visionary CEO at DIDWW, is driving the company’s global success with a customer-centric approach, propelling it to the forefront of VoIP providers worldwide. With a telecommunications career spanning since 2005, Lina’s expertise encompasses business management, product development, and operations. Dedicated to dismantling communication barriers, she pioneers innovative solutions tailored to the diverse needs of clients.

Lina holds a master’s degree in business management, complementing her bachelor’s degrees in English philology and Lithuanian philology. Her leadership ensures DIDWW’s continued evolution as a leader in cutting-edge communication solutions.

What technology breakthrough would pave the way for the ICT industry?

The ICT sector will benefit most from a revolutionary advancement assisted by AI that is poised to emerge from technical progress. Imagine a time when machines understand, strategize, and develop autonomously as artificial intelligence improves. This paradigm change would launch an ICT renaissance where human brilliance and AI intelligence uncover boundless prospects. This breakthrough development could lead the ICT sector into undiscovered sectors with unequaled data analytics and quantum computing speeds. AI is causing a revolution that foreshadows a future when technological boundaries are shattered, and the ICT sector leads an unprecedented period.

How can telecommunications technologies help humanity?

Telecommunications technologies orchestrate global harmony in the delicate dance of human connection. Digital symphonies break communication barriers. Telecommunications technologies weave a web of togetherness like a magician, removing obstacles to the sharing of ideas, emotions, and cultures. Imagine these virtual bridges uniting ocean-separated hearts and mountain-separated minds. Through instant messaging, video calls, and real-time cooperation, these technologies create a borderless world where location is irrelevant. They enable humanity to overcome barriers by sharing experiences that resonate with our interconnected world.

What new apps would be a game-changer in the next five (5) years?

While it may be difficult to predict which apps will be most popular in the future, the following trends and areas of innovation have the potential to produce groundbreaking apps in the next five years:

  • Personal assistants and chatbots powered by artificial intelligence may soon reach a level of sophistication where they provide contextually aware and individually tailored interactions for a wide range of jobs.
  • With the rise of remote healthcare, mental health, telemedicine, and individualized wellness programs, apps for health technology may all see significant growth in popularity.
  • Applications built on blockchain could provide decentralized solutions for supply chain management, identity verification, and monetary transactions, among other potential uses.

Those three trends will likely be the most significant ones in app development, however there are many others.

What value does PTC hold for you/your company?

Engaging in the PTC community transforms telecommunications, IT, and related businesses and individuals. PTC, an international network for professionals worldwide, offers great networking and partnership opportunities. This organization offers a large network of thought leaders, industry pioneers, and collaborators. It provides a dynamic arena for knowledge sharing, promoting professional development, and understanding the ever-changing telecommunications and technology sector. The unique viewpoints and combined knowledge of PTC’s ecosystem stimulate the growth of ideas and partnerships and help shape the future of ICT. PTC is essential to a vibrant, interconnected community that advances the industry.

How does PTC fit your company’s goals or career purpose? 

We joined PTC because it fits our strategic goals. This collaboration offers an outstanding possibility to form important telecoms alliances. The council’s global platform acts as a hub, connecting potential partners, promoting collaboration, and growing our company. PTC provides an unmatched forum for significant figures, innovators, and experts in the ever-changing world of telecommunications. This convergence allows us to investigate mutual benefits and form alliances with organizations that share our goals and values. As we navigate the changing technology landscape, PTC drives our network growth and industry significance. Our commitment to innovation and growth matches PTC’s collaborative culture. Thus, it is a vital partner in achieving our organization’s goals and forming influential telecommunications relationships that promote success.

What advice would you share with current and future graduates interested in this field? 

I would advise graduates with an interest in information and communications technologies to follow their creative instincts when choosing a career. Keep up with AI, blockchain, and IoT. Utilize these revolutionary energies to change the future. Create an inspiring environment. Listen to peers, mentors, and other perspectives. Inspire and educate people with your knowledge, passion, and commitment to constructive technology change. Consider challenges and personal growth opportunities. ICT is constantly evolving, testing your limits. Try to view these problems as opportunities to strengthen your abilities and make big digital contributions. ICT delivers unimaginable rewards; you can foster globalization and transform lives.

What industry mogul or up-and-coming leader have you followed or are currently pursuing, and why?

Steve Jobs’ unique leadership style and inventive approach to invention are fascinating. This business trailblazer is studied for his innovative leadership. The legendary Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., personifies audacious innovation and relentless striving for excellence. Through his groundbreaking work in merging technology and design, he shook up innovation across multiple industries. For example, under Jobs’ innovative leadership, the company was able to design a user-centric experience and come up with things that people didn’t even realize they wanted. Current and future leaders need to take a page out of Jobs’ playbook by challenging conventional wisdom, testing boundaries, and seeing problems as opportunities.

DIDWW is a telecommunications platform with self-service access, real-time provisioning, API, and all the necessary building blocks for complete control of voice and SMS services. It offers the largest fully compliant international coverage, including local, national, mobile, and toll-free voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, two-way SIP trunks, access to emergency services, flexible capacity options, free global number portability, and more.

With a private and geo-redundant network, DIDWW provides premium quality services to operators and enterprises worldwide. Their motivated team delivers advanced solutions, ensuring a unique service experience and superior value for thousands of satisfied customers.

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