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The global ICT industry evolves at an incredible pace. Each month we see significant development in technologies like 5G and IoT, as well as the continued growth of overall industry trends like M&As and rapid growth in China.

Read on to find out what telecom industry topics were trending in July 2017, in our first edition of PTC Social Media Month in Review.

Industry Transformation

Perhaps the biggest overall theme coming up in press and in conversation is the massive transformation that the global ICT industry is facing.

There have been a number of high profile mergers and acquisitions lately, and Network World reported that private equity firms are looking to “gobble up some of the enterprise giants and in the process, take them private.”

In the latest issue of Capacity Magazine, Equinix CEO Steve Smith spoke about the need for businesses to adapt to the speed of innovation taking place in the rest of the world. We must “learn fast and fail fast,” he said.

No matter how you approach it, “eras” in the telecom industry are coming faster, and ending just as fast. In order to help leaders understand these changes and prepare to take advantage of them, industry consolidation is set to be a key theme at the upcoming Spectrum Futures 2017 conference, held in Bangkok this September.

Subsea Cable Growth Continues

The world’s network of subsea cables continues to grow. In mid-July, Hong Kong based PCCW Global announced the Hong Kong landing of the new 25,000km Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) subsea cable.

With subsea cables’ importance to the growth of global data exchange and commerce, the question is becoming who will be the primary users of these cables, the content providers or the telecom operators?

New Report Suggests Continued Growth for Cloud & SaaS Markets

A report released by Synergy Research Group indicates that cloud growth as well as cloud software providers will continue to see impressive growth, with public cloud seeing the strongest growth at 29% annually. The report also indicates that APAC will be the highest growth region.

Channel Vision’s PTC Corner Outlines Nuances of ICT Growth in APAC

Especially in APAC, we are seeing a simultaneous democratization of technology and an evolution in those technologies themselves. That has led to an interesting, dynamic situation, which Stephen McClelland wrote about in the latest edition of PTC Corner in Channel Vision Magazine.

Check out the piece to find out how 5G, IoT, video, and more will combine to unlock vast potential for a wide variety of businesses and industries in the region.

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