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What is 5G? What makes it really different from all prior mobile networks? How does 5G depend on new changes in core networks? How do we get from advanced 4G to 5G and why?

Why will 5G bring new customers? What are those customers looking for?

Why is 5G a turning point for the telecom industry? Where are the risks and opportunities? How does it work, and how does it affect your revenue and business models?

What happens if 5G does not reshape the telecom value proposition?

Those are among the subjects international experts will address at Spectrum Futures, as part of their effort to teach you what you need to know about 5G, and why.

A few of the international experts who will speak on 5G include Reza Arefi, Intel director of spectrum strategy, Dean Bubley, founder, Disruptive Analysis, Rumi Iizuka, Foundation for MultiMedia Communications principal researcher and Wing Lee, YTL Communications CEO.

By the end of the week, attendees will have learned what 5G means, where the industry is headed and how they need to think about a vastly-different industry, and new roles within their companies.

Register now for Spectrum Futures. Your future may depend on it.

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